Brett Volume 10: Chapter LXIX - St. Leonards 1863

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Chapter LXIX St. Leonards 1863[edit]

[ 65 ]

Commissioners Meetings[edit]

Drainage.- At a special meeting held on the 14th of Jan., 1863, it was ordered that the property of Messrs. Gardiner, Hatchard and Hughes in Cave(sic) road, be drained; that a 9-inch drain be laid from near the engine house through Caves Road to near the Fountain, and then eastward by a twelve-inch drain to the trap, opposite 130 Marina.

A Memorial was received, complaining of the deplorable state of the frontage and suggesting an extension of the parade wall as a means of preventing the houses being flooded by the sea; also that the Commissioners would stop the carting of rubbish and the screening of sand, both of which nuisances were objectionable to visitors. The memorial was signed by Hy. Carpenter, 134 Marina; Wm. Harmer, 133; F. W. Foster, 135; D. Jackson, 136; Mary J. Hogwood, 137; Sophia Gordon, 132; Wm. Goodall, 131; and - Winter, 130. The memorial also protested against paying the town rate of 2/. in the pound, unless they could be put on equal terms with the other inhabitants of the front line.

Extension of the Parade. - Instructions were given to the Surveyor to prepare plans and estimates for an extension of the wall to within 25 feet of Mr. Putland's ground, leaving such 25 feet as a roadway for the use of vessels when unloading &c.

Removal of Obstruction. - Resolved that Mr. Putland be requested to remove obstructions in the pathway from the West Marina to 39 Martello Tower.

Vaults Resolved that permission be given to Mr. How to construct vaults under the footway at 138 Marina.

Bad State of the Road. Resolved that the attention of the Town Clerk be called to the bad state of the road and pathway between the West Marina and the Railway station, beyond the Commissioner's jurisdiction.

Commissioners Present at a special meeting on March 2nd. - Sir Woodbine Parish, - Hunt, Esq., A. Burton, Esq., - Harford, Esq. and Messrs. Parks and Gausden.

Tenders for the new wall were received from Mr. Kenwood at £119 10s and from Mr. Hughes, at £62 7s. 6d. The latter was accepted, and surprise might well have been expressed at the great disparity of the tenders.

Conveyance of Ground. Mr. Wagner having informed Mr. Young that the owners of houses from 65 to 71 Marina were willing to £105 in the event of the ground on the cliff side west of the church being conveyed to the Commissioners for the purpose of keeping it open, such conveyance was ordered to be prepared and the pathway to be made as referred to in Mr. Burton's memorandum of the 2nd of February last. This was, probably, the path which [ 66 ]still leads up from the church to the West Hill.

A New Drain to connect Mr. Woodgate's premises at Mercatoria was sanctioned by the Board.

An Encroachment having been effected at the west end of the Marina, the Surveyor was instructed to see Mr. How and other persons concerning the same.

An Application from Mr. Glenister for an additional hose to the fire-engine, the same was readily granted.

The Government Inspector. It being understood that Government had sent down Mr. Rawlinson, an engineer, to inspect drains, &c., the Surveyor was instructed to call on the Mayor, and then communicate with Sir Woodbine Parish, Mr. A. Burton and Mr. Gausden, with the object of seeing Mr. Rawlinson before his return to London.

Commissioners Present at the quarterly meeting on March 28th were Sir Woodbine Parish, A. and D. Burton, Hunt, Harford, Leslie, and Gausden.

An Experiment was ordered to be made with chalk and beach in a repair of the road.

The New Wall. It was decided to extend the wall, for which Mr. Hughes had contracted, an additional five feet, thus making the length 54 feet instead of 49 feet.

Another Extension. Mr. Putland had intimated his intention of carrying on a sea-wall in front of his ground, with a request to the Commissioners to repay him the cost of such wall as soon as houses were built on his ground. To this the Committee had given no pledge.

The West-hill Path. An outlay having been suggested by the Surveyor for the pathway leading from the church to the West Hill, the same was complied with.

A Memorandum was handed in by Mr. Wagner as follows:- "At Mr. Wagner's on Saturday, Jan. 31st, 1863. In reply to his enquiry whether I would sell the cliff side, west of the church for the purpose of its being vested, together with the path thereon, in the Commissioners of St. Leonards, and if so, at what price? I informed him I would, and that £105 would satisfy me, the object being the benefit of the public. I suggested that as the value of the seven houses (65 to 71) would be greatly increased by an arrangement which would secure them from having buildings erected there, I considered that the amount should be subscribed by the owners of that property. Decimus Burton."

A Drainage Scheme. It was resolved to ascertain if the Hastings Local Board had any intention of draining the ground [ 67 ]west of Bopeep, and whether they would join the St. Leonards Commissioners in a drainage scheme west of the Fountain?

Ordered to Paid(sic), a quarter's salary to Mr. Young £12 10s; ditto to Mr. Gant, £6 5s.; to Mrs C. Mann, for railing at West Marina, £17 3s. 6d.; to Messrs. Johnstone Brothers for iron railing on the West Hill £10 16s. 8d.

The East Groyne being past repair, an estimate was ordered to be obtained for a new one, and the Town Council be asked to contribute a portion of the expense, as it would be close to their boundary.

A Stone Pavement on the south and west sides of the police station being required, the Commissioners would be willing to lay the same if the Local Board would pay half the expense.

The Encroachment at the West Marina not having been removed, Mr. How was to be informed that unless he set his wall back, the Commissioners would remove it.

A Stone Kerb was ordered to be put down on the north side of North Lodge to join the kerb belonging to the Local Board.

The June Meeting was attended by Commisioners Parish, A. Burton, Leslie, Ogle, How and Gausden.

Bills to be Paid:- Shand and Mason, £39 3s. 6d. for hose; half-paving West Hill, £72 17s; Mr. Kenwood £75, for paving West-hill terrace.

Fire-Engine Tackle to be kept an inventory of by Mr. Glenister, the same to be distinguished by a mark.

Rawlinson's Report on the drainage of both towns received and consideration of Town Council's questions postponed as to whether the Commissioners would meet them for putting down a main sewer sufficiently large and deep to take sewage west of the Infirmary?

Ventilating Shafts in Commissioners drains to be placed near the North Lodge, near the police station and near Mr. Cameron's.

Town Council's Reply. The Local Board would pay for half the paving at the police-station, but not anything towards the new groin(sic) at the Archway.

Obstructions:- Mr. Putland to be again ordered to remove obstructions from the pathway leading from West Marina to 39 Tower.

Mr. Joseph Yarroll to be paid £10 3s. Commission, £3 15s. a quarter's rent, and 5s. salary.

More Ventilating Shafts (20 in number and charcoaled) to be put in the Commisssioner's drains.

Not Acceded to (in consequence of agreement with Hughes and Hunter and others, on the 10th of March, 1858), was Mr. Kenwood's suggestion to raise the pavement in front of the houses on the Marina which he was completing.

Drainage Again. The Clerk (Mr. Young) was instructed to write to the [ 68 ]Town Clerk (Mr. Growse), suggesting that a practical engineer be employed to advise on the best system of drainage for the whole borough and outskirts, each town paying its proportion of the expense.

Medical Officer of Health. A letter was received from the Local Board of Health, enquiring whether the Commissioners would join in the appointment of Medical Officer. This was referred to Committee.

Watering the Road. Another letter was received from the Local Board, enquiring if the Commissioners would water the road west of the Fountain to the Railway Station at 1s. a day. This was consented to.

The Autumn Quarterly Meeting. At this meeting, on the 28th of September, there were present A. Burton, C. R. Harford, J. T. Leslie, G. H. Wagner, C. T. How and C. H. Gausden.

The Eastern Groyne. Mr. Major Vidler having reported on this, it was agreed that a specification and estimate be prepared by him.

A Protest having been received from the tradesmen of the South Colonnade against raising the pavement, it was resolved to widen the pavement to the extent of the stuccoed piers, the original proposal being abandoned.

Road Designation. - It was ordered that "Caves Road" be painted up on the Fountain Inn, on the west, and the Marina Inn, on the east.

Bills to be Paid - Hughes, £62 7s. 6d., for the extension of the sea wall; and Fearon and Clabbon £7 14s. 8d. for vendor's costs on purchase of ground behind 65 to 71 Marina, for path to the West Hill.

Groynes to be Repaired at 89 Marina, 28 Marina, the Victoria Library, and the Archway.

Sandstone Wall, east and west of the Library, to be replaced with hard stone.

Surveyor's Salary to be increased to £80 a year, the agreement to be a requirement of 3 months notice on either side, and the Surveyor to take a survey of the town at least once a week.

Widening the Pavement at the Colonnade having cost £15, Mr. Burton's offer to pay half the amount was accepted.

Hoarding at a Fire. - Mr. Glenister's charge of £9, after deducting returned materials, for putting up a hoarding at the Marina fire, was allowed.

Raising of Pavements. - The pavements at 22 to 30 Marina, and on the south side of the Victoria Hotel to be taken up, raised and relaid; and 22 Marina be asked to pay £15, half the cost of paving round that house.

Rating Matters. - Jackson's application for remission of rates for 136 Marina not acceded to; but Drury, at Undercliff terrace to be excused on account of illness and distress.

Accepted Tenders from Mr. Kenwood, £29 for rebuilding wall, east [ 69 ]and west of Victoria Hotel; £35 for paving round east end of 22 Marina; £35 for relaying 22 to 36 Marina; and £19 for relaying pavement at the Victoria Hotel.

Accepted Tender for Groyne £183 15s. from Winter & Son; the rejected tenders being £220 from George Thwaites, and £189 from R. Selden.

Medical Officer not yet decided on, but in the event of the same gentleman acting for both towns, the Commissioners would prefer separate appointments.

At the Winter Quarters Meeting there were present Commissioners Hunt, How, Leslie, A. Burton and Gausden.

Rev. J. A. Hatchard having applied for a copy of Rawlinson's report, was informed that the said report was sent down to the Town Clerk of Hastings and not to the Commissioners.

Orders given that the road back of 44 Marina, eastward to be repaired; that the groyne at 90 Marina be attended too(sic); and that the two benches be placed against the Library walls.

Local Government Acts. The Clerk explained the provisions of the Local Governments Acts of 1858 and 1861 - more particularly clause 15 of the former and clause 2 of the latter. It was resolved that no proceedings be taken thereon at present.

York Pavement ordered to be put down in front of Woodgate's new shop at Mercatoria by his paying half the cost. The same to be put down in front of the nine new houses at the west end of the Marina, half the charge to be borne by the builders.

State of the Roads. - A complaint of the bad state of Caves road was received from Mr. Hughes. Mr Cameron, of Clyde Villas, also complained, by letter, of the condition of the West-hill road. This latter road, the Commisioners thought was sufficiently formed to be paved.

More Light. - Resolved that three additional lamps be placed in Quarry Road and Maze-hill road; and that the lamp north of North Lodge be wholly paid for by the Commissioners, instead of half by Mrs. Wood.

Two Iron Seats having been gratuitously placed by Mrs. Wood in the path leading from the church to the West Hill, resolved that a vote of thanks be passed to that lady.

The West Hill Road[edit]

The foregoing references to the West-hill road serve as a reminder that at a meeting which was held on the 22nd of November, 1858, it was resolved "that it would be advantageous to St. Leonards and conducive to the public at large if the present road over the West hill were continued to the Railway Station; thus affording an opportunity hereafter of having a branch road into the