Brett Volume 10: ChapterLXX - Hastings 1863

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Chapter LXX Hastings 1863

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Accidents at Hastings

A Serious Accident occurred on the 2nd of October at the recently erected saw-mills in Middle street belonging to Mr. John Howell. It appeared from enquiries made on the spot, that a man named Peter Gain whose duty it was to superintend the engine department, got by some accidental means entangled in a part of the machinery, and in the effort to release himself was deprived of one leg in the most frightful manner, the limb, in fact, being completely torn away at or above the knee joint. Several surgeons were immediately sent for and were quickly in attendance, but from the excruciating pain and copious hemmorrhage(sic), the sufferer sank rapidly, and when taken to the Infirmary, the surgeons pronounced to be in great danger. The mill was ordered to be stopped for the day.

Accident at the Dripping Well. In the second week of September, some ladies, with their friends were viewing the Dripping Well when they were affrighted at seeing a boy of ten or eleven years rushing headlong over the precipice above them. The shrieks of the terrified ladies were of no avail in arresting the boys perilous descent, and he fell with a precipancy that threatened serious consequences. He was picked up, however, with no other injuries than those of sprains and bruises.

A Fractured Arm occurred on the 25th of June to a lad named Thomas Salmon. While engaged at cricket on the West Hill, he ran against another lad with such force as to cause the injury here stated.

Fashionable Balls

A Soiree Dansante was given on Monday evening, January 12th, by Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Norton at their residence in Wellington square. Upwards of 100 persons moving in a fashionable sphere were present. In addition to the usual light refreshments, a splendid supper was placed upon the table at midnight, consisting of hot turkeys, pheasants and other delicaties. Mr. Dawes's band was in attendance, and dancing was kept up till 4 o'clock.

A Second Ball was given by Mrs. Fletcher Norton on the 26th of January, which was attended by 160 of the haut ton. There was the usual sumptuous supper, and dancing was again to the strains of Mr. Dawes's band.


For the Lancashire Distress Fund a sacred concert was given in the Music Hall, Hastings, on Wednesday evening, Jan. 21st, with great success. The vocalists were principally those who were connected with the church and dissenting choirs, assisted by Mrs. Begbie, late professor of music at the Royal Academy. The instrumentalists were Messrs. Fuggle and Gilbert (violins), Mr. Parks (violoncello), Mr. F. French (double-bass), Messrs Funnell and Coleman (flutes), Messrs. S. French and S. Hermitage (cornets), Mr. 

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