Manuscript History of Hastings and St. Leonards Vol 9

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Index to Contents of Volume Nine 1861-62

This is a transcription of the index to Thomas Brandon Brett's Manuscript History of Hastings & St Leonards vol 9.[1]

Chapter Sixty Five : St.Leonards 1861 Page 1

Commissioners' Meetings (pg. 1)
Vestry Meetings
Archery Meetings – Adelaide Lodge of Oddfellows
Accidents at St.Leonards (fatal and otherwise)
Desperate Leaping and Wonderful Escape
Atmospheric Changes (the lowest recorded temperatures)
Storms and floods
Concerts and Musical Entertainments
Special Dinners
Sudden deaths and Inquests – Death of Mr. Boykett Breeds
Particular Deaths
Death and Interment of the Prince Consort
Prince Albert's Death
Fulfilled Predictions
Predictions touching the death of Prince Albert
Funeral Sermon by the Rev. Dr. Crosse on Prince Albert
Sudden death of the Town Crier
Particular Deaths
Public Entertainments
Fire Engines and Fire Brigade
Some curious Occurrences
Trial of The Victoria Life-Boat
Invalid Gentlewomen's Home
St.Leonards Regatta
St Mary Magdalen Church
Noteworthy marriages
Maritime Disaster (A schooner sunk)
The Postal Movement
Post Office Associations
Royal Visitors and Passengers
Royal Movements
Railway Matters
Railway Accidents
Prolific Families
Robberies and Larcenies
St.Leonards Mechanics' Institution
St. Leonards Temperance Hall & Working Men's Reading Room
Tea Meetings
School Treats and Workmen's Treats
Special Sermons
School Committee's reply to Mr. Hatchard
School Committee's Reply to Mr. Hatchard's charges
Special Sermons
St.Leonards National Schools
The Water Supply & Eversfield Works
The Eversfield Waterworks.

Chapter Sixty Six: Hastings 1861 Page 66

Town Council Meetings
(The Priory Conservatory)
Water work Extension
(A new Town Hall; to seek for a Site)
(Assessment of property)
Rocky Road (sketch)
Another Pier and Harbour (The Proposal debated)
Address to the Queen
Accidents and deaths
Balls and entertainments
St Clement's New Bells
Special Dinners and Suppers
the Fishing Industry
Fishing Items continued
A Barnacle Dispute
the Harbour Question
Hastings Mechanics Institution
Public Entertainments
The Lord Wardenship
Lord Wardenship of Cinque Ports
List of Lectures
Memorial Window to Earl Waldegrave
Election of Mayor
Municipal Elections – Overseers
Ore Working Men's Institute
The Need of Small Houses
Philosophical Society
A Penny Bank Established
Hastings Regatta
Hastings Magnates at Dover
Special Sermons
School Treats
Vestry Meetings
Our Local Volunteers
Artillery and Rifle Volunteer Movements
The Rifle Prize Fete
Volunteer Movements -

Chapter Sixty Seven: St.Leonards 1862 Page 158

St.Leonards Commissioners
Commissioners Meetings
Vestry Meetings
St.Leonards Mechanics' Institution
The St.Leonards on Sea Schools
School Treats
Address of Condolence to Her Majesty
Accidents and Fatalities
Archery Meetings
Balls and Fashionable Parties
The Wars of the Gods re Harbour Scheme
Churches and Chapels
New Organ at Christ Church
The local organ-builder and his mother
Lost and Found
Special Dinners and Suppers
Another Lost and Found
Public Entertainments
East Sussex Foxhounds
Fires at St.Leonards – The Proposed Harbour
Coroner's Inquests
Lectures at St.Leonards
Dr. Cumming's Lectures
Efforts for the erection of small Tenements
Land Sales
St Andrew's Square
The Cottage Building Company
The Co-operative Cottage Building Company
Particular Marriages
A Marriage postponed
Miss. E.L. Macgregor's Marriage
A Novel Traveller
Testimonials and Presentations
School Matters
Temperance Movement – Comet
Sol-fa Rehearsal
The Amateur Musical Union
Rifle Band Concert
Startling Events
the Hartley Colliery Catastrophe
The Albert Memorial Proposal
Independence of the "Gazette"
Royal Visitors
Celestial Phenomena
Royal Visitors. Litigation re Troup
Rowing Club
Cadet Corps
Picnic Parties

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