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Brett compiling his manuscript histories circa 1902

Thomas Brandon Brett in addition to his written guide books and periodical writings in the The Hastings & St Leonards Observer under the pseudonym of St Leonardensis, some of which are transcribed in this wiki, wrote a series of manuscript histories when he was aged 82, drawing on his extensive contemporaneous notes of Hastings and surrounding areas and news-clippings from his own newspaper during Victorian Hastings.

A number of these have now been scanned by ESCC Library Services and are linked at the footer of each of the index pages. They are also available at ESCC Library, Hastings

The indices were collated by Rod Lavers and published originally on the 1066 Genealogy website with a view to making them fully cross-referenced. This project appears to have stagnated and with no ready means of contacting either the aforementioned website's owner, or Rod Lavers, I have taken the liberty of duplicating them here and cross-referencing them with pages on the Hastings Historical Wiki, together with the transcriptions of the source manuscripts. Some items that were mentioned in the indices do not appear in the manuscripts, so visitors that are familar with the other indices will note that some headings are missing.