Shepherd Street

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Shepherd Street
Named AfterMr. Shepherd

Shepherd Street is named after the owner of one of the first building plots in the area, Mr. Shepherd who initially moved to 16 Marina in anticipation of the evictions from the during 1835-1836[1].The road was dedicated in 1849[2].

Minutae, Trifles and Mentions from the News

Auction at Garraway’s Coffee House, Cornhill, London. Messrs. Farebrother, Clark, and Lye to sell by auction, by direction of the assignees under bankruptcy, freehold estates. 9 Grand Parade, let furnished to Mr W. Waghorn. A small house in Shepherd Street let to Mr James Brett. A small house in Gensing Road, facing to Shepherd Street, let to W. Twort.[3]


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