South Colonnade

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South Colonnade

Standing on the seaward side of Marina, this was completed in 1828 as a unit of shops in front of the Marina façade, opposite the corner where Marine Court would later be built; this now-lost arcade was very likely some or the earliest buildings in St. Leonards[1]; the first infant born in St. Leonards was certainly born here - a daughter, Emma, to Thos. and Martha Robyant Mawle on the 6th of April 1828[2]. In 1837, Brett in his manuscript histories gives the occupiers as follows;George Viner (grocer), Welsted and Chandler (painters), Newton Parks (butcher), T. B. Williams (baker), A. Walter (greengrocer), T. Price (fishmonger), J. Job (watchmaker), E. Waghorne (butcher), B. P. Smith (chemist), H. Beck (draper) and T. Brown (wine-merchant).

The colonnade was subsequently improved in 1862, when the previous brick and stucco pillars that supported what Brett described as an 'all but useless facade' were replaced with a series of cast-iron columns that offered less impediment to passing traffic and around the same time, the small apartments above the shops were almost doubled in size[3].

The Colonnade was at the mercy of the sea and suffered damage in the following storms Storm of 1877 & Storm of 1890 and was demolished in 1928.


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