St. Leonards Temperance Hall

From Historical Hastings

A formal opening of the new room in Norman road, took place on Tuesday the 14th of May 1861[1], by means of a public tea-meeting, at which 130 persons were present. Following the tea-meeting, a further 170 persons occupied the hall. The proposed rules of the society were read by Mr. Thos. Putland. The room was available to all persons upon payment of 1d. per week, coffee was to be provided at 1d. per cup, and bread-and-butter at a low price. Daily papers and other literature would also be provided. Addresses were given by the Rev. A. Reed, Mr. W. Fitch (of Brighton), Mr. Woods (also of Brighton), the Rev. J. Doxey (of Edmonton) and Mr. Ranger (of Northiam). The meeting reportedly to a late hour and was enthusiastically received[2]. The room would appear to have been shared by the Working Men's Institute[3]. Later became the Kinema[4].

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