Caves Road

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Caves Road
Other Names
Former name(s)Cliff Road

Was previously known as 'Cliff Road'[1] and renumbered in 1880.[2]

The cliff-face behind Caves Road, once had a cave known as St. Leonards Caves which extended underground for some 300 feet with rooms branching off either side. The cliffs are particularly unstable and the exact location of this cave is now lost.

Sussex Steps

These public steps, connecting Caves Road at the corner with Sussex Road to West Hill Road were closed circa 2002 due to instability of the cliff face behind[3], however even as early as 1883, the steps were known to be dangerous, a correspondent to the Hastings & St. Leonards Observer writing in to complain about the state of the footway/steps in September of that year[4].

Reported Cliff Falls

12 May 1812 At approximately 3PM, several tons of rock fell behind Mr. Bray's beer stores. No injury was caused, or damage, except a stable door was knocked open. Falls of rock continued throughout the following days, although all minor in nature[5]
9 Feb 1851 Rock fall which demolished stable and kitchen associated with St. Leonards Caves, effectively sealing them[6], although they were re-opened for the public on the 24th of May 1863[7]
31 Dec 1866/1 Jan 1877 Following a severe storm, the cliff fell blocking the ​road​ with thousands of tons of rubble[8]


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