St. Leonards Archers

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The Royal Prize

The St Leonards Archers were founded by Misses Mackay|Eliza, Emma & Charlotte Mackay]], who were friends of the town's founder, James Burton (1761-1837) and had resided in St Leonards from the earliest days. They were extremely active in setting up many institutions and societies around the town. All sisters enjoyed archery, which was a popular sport in Victorian times and one of the few opportunities for an informal mingling of the sexes. Becoming acquainted with the Princess Victoria during her visit to the town in 1834/1835, they persuaded her to become patron of the Society of St Leonards Archers which had only been formed a year prior. Planning, ornamenting and improving the Archery Grounds which Burton had donated for the purpose, the result of their efforts was considered one of the best facilities in the country. A series of prizes had been sponsored by the Princess Victoria, of which Eliza won many, achieving the top prize in 1837. Upon hearing the news, Queen Victoria who had just ascended to the throne renamed the society to the "Queen's St Leonards Archers".[1]


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