Melville & Cos 1858 Directory and Gazeteer of Sussex 1858

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Melville & Co - Hastings & St Leonards 1858

Hastings is a fashionable and favourite marine town, about 63 miles from London by road, and 73 by railway, and 40 from the town of Brighton. Including St. Leonards, it contained in 1851 a population of 17,011. The town is situated in a hollow, surrounded with cliffs and hills. The air is exceedingly pure and salubrious; in one part it is cool and bracing, and another soft and genial, so that a visitor may choose his own climate, at the same time discover rich and diversified prospects over sea and land. It consists of two principal streets, and has of late years undergone considerable improvement. There are beautifully arranged stone buildings on the Crescent, very handsome range of residences under the Cliffs and the Marine Parade, commanding a most extensive sea view, much frequented by the searchers after health and pleasure; other squares and terraces equally picturesque and beautiful, affording altogether one of the most healthy and romantic watering places on the coast. Nor has the commercial interest of the town lost its share in the improvements. Many commodious and beautiful shops have been erected and enlarged, giving the necessary facility to the increasing population. The boat building of Hastings must not be left unnoticed. Pleasure boats in large numbers are built, and larger vessels have not unfrequently been launched here. The trade consists in corn, iron, timber, and coal. The fishery has always been, and still is, a source of profit; an ample supply is obtained for the town, and the superfluity is forwarded to the London markets. The hotels are in general excellent, few places can boast of greater accommodation in this respect. The town affords numerous amusements, which consist of races, regattas, theatre, &c. There are also nursery grounds replete with flowers, shrubs, plants, &c. The town is governed by a mayor, six aldermen, and 18 councillors. Petty and Special Sessions for the borough and Hastings district of the county are held here. It returns two members to parliament. There is a corn market every Saturday, and markets for provisions, &c., open every day in the week; fairs are also held every July and November.

There are three churches — All Saints, St. Clement, and St. Mary in the Castle, and another district church between Hastings and St. Leonards. There are also dissenting chapels connected with almost every denomination.

The castle at Hastings is now in ruins, and covers an area of about an acre and a half. It was built in the reign of William the Conqueror, and probably occupies the site of a more ancient fortress. It is situated upon an eminence commanding a fine view of Hastings and St. Leonards.

ST. LEONARDS-ON-SEA is a town of very recent date, and contains several very handsome terraces and buildings. Previous to 1828 there was scarcely a house of any importance in the parish, but it is now a place noted for baths, libraries, public gardens, assembly rooms, &c., and it has a commodious railway station of the London, Brighton, and South Coast Company. St. Leonards, in 1834, was honoured by the residence of Queen Victoria and the Duchess of Kent, and more recently by the late Queen Dowager.

In the neighbourhood of Hastings and St. Leonards are objects of great interest to the visitor: the old walls—the Castle—the Roman remains on the East hill, and the ancient houses in the town; the Dripping Well - the Lovers’ Seat, on the east side of the town; and on the western side, Hollington church, and the delightful scenery of the neighbourhood




Adkin, Mrs. Margaret Aun, 3 Croft

Amoore, Mrs. E. R, Hallaway house

Amoore, Mr. William, 7 Alma cottage, Lower Croft

Arnold, Charles, esq. 7 Cavendish terrace

Ashburnham, Sir, Anchitel, bart. 10 Croft


Banister, Mr. Joseph, 1 Exmouth place

Barnard, John Wyatt, esq. Montague house

Barker, Mrs. Catherine Mary, 20 St. Mary’s terrace

Barbett, Miss Amelia, the Briars

Barbett, Miss Amelia, the Briars, Halloway place

Bishop, Mr. John, 7 Croft

Booth, Mr. William Hackney, Royal Hill, East hill

Bouner, Mr. William sen. Hill cottage

Bratt, Mr. Josiah, Castle cottage Wellington square

Breeds, Mr. James, 23 High street

Breach, Mr. John, 25 Bourne street

Brisco, Wastel, esq. Bohemia house

Broad, Miss Caroline, 5 Croft

Brown, Mrs. Charlotte, 16 White Rock pl

Burfield, Mr. Charles, 8 High street

Burfield, Mr. Thomas, 4 Exmouth place

Borfield, Miss E. A. 91 High street


Carr, Mrs. Martha D, 33 Wellington square

Chapman, William Ross, M.D, 2 High Wickham

Chamberlin, Mrs. Henry, 79 High street

Clement, George, esq. Silver Hill farm, and 4 Pelham place

Close, Mrs. 84 Wellington square

Collin, Michael, esq. Belmont house

Coleman, Charles, esq. the Tower, West hill

Crake, William, esq. 7 Pelham place

Cripps, Mrs. 8 Verulam place

Crichton, Miss Frances Mary, 31 Wellington square

Crowhurst, Thomas, 27 St. Mary’s terrace

Crosbie, John, esq. Villa, Belmont


Dicks, Joseph, Bohemia terrace

Dinsdale, Mr. James, West hill

Druce, Mrs. Judith, 3 Wellington square

Duke, Walter, esq. Wellington place

Dunn, Mrs. Hannah, 4 East parade


Eve, Lieut. Edmund Long, R.N. 1 Castledown terrace


Farncomb, Henry, esq. 32 Wellington sq

Fenner, Rev. David (Baptist), Ebenezer house, East hill

Fermor, Mr. Edward, 3 Halloway place

Fishbourne, James Culbert, Rev minister of Wellington square (Baptist) Chapel, 21 St. Mary’s terrace

Foyster, Rev. Henry Samuel, M.A. rector of All Saints

Furminger, Mr. John Bray, Rose hill villas, Halton


Gabb, David Houdley, esq. 18 Wellington square

Garrett, Charles Bodenham, M.D. 37 Wellington square

Gibson, Rev. John Egar, 19 Wellington sq

Gill, Mr, Daniel, 9 High street

Glazier, Samuel, esq. 11 Wellington square

Gosling, Mr. William, All Saints’ cottage

Greaves, Mrs. Charlotte, 5 York buildings

Greenhill, William Alexander, M.D. 2 Carlisle parade, and 37 Robertson street

Grenside, Mr. Charles Allen, St. John’s cottage, West hill

Gray, Mr. George Godfrey, White Rock pl

Gregory, Cave, esq. 2 Croft

Grenside, John, esq. 36 Wellington square

Groome, Rev. Robert, 12 Pelham crescent

Growse, Robert, esq. 9 Wellington square

Gray, Mr. George Gregory, 24 Wellington sq

Gutsell, Mr. Samuel, 50 St. Mary’s terrace


Hammond, Rev. John, B.A. East cliff house

Harding, Rev. John (minister of the Calvinist Providence chapel, Waterloo place), Tuscan villa, Hallaway place

Harcourt, Edward Vernon, esq. 5 Robertson terrace

Hawkins, Mrs. Mary, Wilderness cottage

Hawkes, Miss Ellen G. 2 Castledown terrace

Hayles, Edward, esq. the Chalet, Belmont

Helland, Mrs. F. Minniess Rock villa, High Wickham

Hennah, Mrs. Aun, 30 Wellington square

Hicks, Thomas, esq. Bohemia road

Hunt, James, esq. Exmouth house

Hope, Lady Mary, 42 Wellington square

Hope, Capt. G., R.N. 41 Wellington square

Howard, Miss Eliza, 2 Rose hill villas, Halton


Jackson, Charles, esq. 2 Castle place

Jackson, George, esq. 7 High Wickham

Jolly, John, Mr. 28 St. Mary’s terrace


King, Stephen Henham, esq. 21 Robertson street


Langham, James George, esq. 1 High street

Lawrence, Mrs. Catherine, 10 Spring terrace

Lea, Mr. Edmund, Euston cottage, Halton

Lutwidge, Misses, 2 Wellington square

Lapidge, Lieut. C. H., R.N. Priory

Lansdell, Mr. James, 15 Wellington equare

Langham, Thomas Parker, esq. 23 Robertson street

Long, Mrs. Sarah, 95 High street

Loft, Misses, 3 Castle place


Mackness, Mrs. Maria, 22 Wellington sq

Mace, Mr, Robert, 18 St. Andrew’s terrace

Mackmurdo, Edward Longdon, esq. Castledown house

McMahon, Mr. 2 Hallaway place

Micklethwaite, Lady, Torfield house


Neale, Mrs. Anne, 43 Wellington square

Nightingale, Rev. Thomas, M.A. rector of St. Clement, the Rectory, High street

Norman, Mrs. James, 47 Wellington square

North, Frederick, esq. M.P. Hastings lodge

Norton, Fletcher, esq. J.P. 4 Wellington sq

North, Miss Arabella, Croft house


O'Neill, John Gower, esq. 1 Croft


Parkin, Rev. John, M.A. Halton parsonage, Halton

Paton, Miss M. E. 16 Wellington square

Payne, Lady, 88 George street

Penhall, John, esq. 2 Priory houses, Bohemia road

Penfold, Mr. Richard Crouch, Mount house, George street

Phillips, John, esq. Hastings house

Phillips, Misses, Hill street


Ransom, Robert, esq. 3 Verulam place

Reade, Mrs. Esther, 25 Wellington square

Reeves, Mr. Henry, 54 All Saints’ street

Reeves, Mr. George, 35 St. Andrew’s terrace

Roberts, John, esq. Egerton lodge

Robertson, Patrick Francis, esq. M.P. Halton

Rock, James, esq. sen. 7 Bedford place

Rock, James, esq. mayor, the Heath, Fairlight

Routh, Mr. George, 11 High Wickham

Rymer, Rev. Richard, 6 Bedford place


Savery, John, esq. 12 York buildings

Sayer, Miss, parade

Scrivens, George, esq. 9 Pelham place

Scrivens, Mrs. Aun, 90 High street

Scullum, Mr. William, Elm lodge

Seymour, Mrs. 12 Wellington square

Shaddack, James, esq. 1 Wellington square

Shakespear, Mrs. L. 40a High street.

Shorter, John Pitman, esq. 85 High street

Smith, Mr. William, Castle view cottage, West hill

Smith, Misses, 1 Trinity place

Snipe, Rev. Edward, curate of All Saints’, 113 High street

Souther, James Lother, esq. R.N. 8 Wellington square

Starkey, Mrs. Elizabeth, 13 Wellington sq

Stonestreet, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth, 1 Warrior square

Strong, Mr. John, All Saints’ street

Stubbs, Eli West, esq. Laurel villa

Styles, Richard, esq. 1 Wellington place


Tanner, Rev. Thomas Edward, 2 Montpelier, Old London road

Taylor, Mrs. Charlotte, 2 Gloucester place

Thwaites, Mr. Henry, Providence house, East hill

Thompson, Edward Mason, esq. 28 Wellington square

Thorpe, Mr. George Archibald, 4 Croft

Tutt, Mr. Thomas, Albion place, West hill


Vidler, Mr. Alfred, sen. 15 St. Andrew’s terrace

Vores, Rev. Thomas, M.A. St. Mary’s lodge


Waldegrave, Frances, Countess of, High st

Wallinger, Arnold, esq. 4 Castledown terrace

Waldegrave, Earl of, High street

Watson, Miss, 32 St. Mary’s terrace

Wells, Mrs. Anne, 23 Wellington square

Wellington, Mr. Charles, 1 Montpelier, Old London road

Wells, Mrs. M. A. Norton villa

Whittaker, Mr. 2 Montpelier, Old London road

Whistler, Misses, Lower croft

Whitehead, Mrs. Samuel Barker, 2 Linton terrace

Wiggins, Matthew, esq. 40 Wellington square

Williams, Mr. Horatio Nelson, 9 High Wickham

Wilkinson, Col. George S, 3 Hallaway place

Williams, Mrs, Albion house, West hill

Wilmot, Misses, 2 Cavendish terrace

Wimble, Mrs. 100 High street

Woodyatt, Rev. Edward, M.A. 44 Wellington square

Woodroffe, Mr. William, 4 St. Mary’s terrace

Wood, Mr. Andrew, E. T. C. $1 Priory houses


Yeoman, Mrs. Charlotte, 1 Gloucester place

Young, Mr. John, 29 Pelham street



Acraman, William Henry, professor of music, 7 Wellington place

Adams, Charles, riding and job master, Royal Swan mews

Adams, James, dealer, 62 High street

Adams, Walter, grocer, 63 All Saints’ street

Adgo, Joseph, lodging house, 9 Caroline pl

Akehurst, William, lodging houses, 7, 8, and 12 Marine parade

Alderton, John, pharmaceutical chemist, 16 Robertson street

Alderton and Shrewsbury, ironmongers and iron founders, 70 and 71 George street, and 1b Robertson street

Alderton, Edward, merchant clerk, 89 High street

Alex and Jones, surgeon dentists, 4 Castle street, and 9 Ship street, Sussex house, Brighton

Allen, Thomas, lodging house, 3 High Wickham

Amoore, Andrew, miller, 2 Bellevue, West hill

Amoore, Mrs. Ellen R. Eagle brewery, Court house street

Amoore, Joseph, tea dealer and grocer, 57 High street

Amoore, Charles, chemist and druggist, 6 Castle street

Andrews, William, builder, 24 St, Mary’s terrace

Arkcoll, Charles, trimmings, hosiery, and fancy warehouse, 52 and 53 George street

Arnold, Charles, surgeon, 7 Cavendish ter

Arnold, Joseph, wine and spirit merchant, Pelham arcade, and branch establishment 3 London road, St. Leonards. Agent for Guinness’s extra stout

Ashby, John, dyer and calenderer, 1 Russell street,

Ashton, Robert, bookseller and stationer, 244 George street

Ashdown, Jesse, beer retailer and. marine store dealer, Fish market

Ashdown, William, bazaar, White Rock

Atwood and Jacobs, general drapers and clothiers, 36, 37, 38, and 39 All Saints’tst

Austin, Jabez Thomas, fly proprietor, 20 Castle road

Avery, George, fly proprietor, 8 Castle ter

Aylesbury, William, invalid chair proprietor, York gardens

Ayles and Bonniwell, photographic artists, Trinity house

Ayres, John Breaks, National achool house, 57 All Saints’ street


Bacon, George P. general printer, and proprietor and publisher of the Hastings and St. Leonards Chronicle, 28 Robertson st. and Lewes. Agent to the State Fire Insurance

Bailey, Richard, tailor and hatter, Castle st

Baily, Mrs. Esther, mantle and millinery warehouse, 18 Robertson street

Baker, Benjamin, builder, 8 York gardens

Baker, William, master mariner, 3 Union street, St. Leonards-on-Sea

Baker, William, plumber, glazier, and painter, John street

Baker, Charles, plumber and glazier, John st

Ball, Richard, beer retailer and wheelwright, 46 All Saints’ street

Balls, John, grocer, Great Bourne street

Ball, Frederick, eook and confectioner, 43 St. Andrew’s terrace

Banks, Peter, butcher, 15 Wellington place

Banks, Stephen, baker, 6 Russell street

Bane, Edward James, agent to the Emperor Life and Fire Insurance Society, and the National Freehold Land Society, 11 Prospect place, St. Michael’s

Banks, John, schoolmaster of Parker’s school, Bleak house, Castledown

Banks, Alfred, lodging house, 9 Verulam pl

Bannister, Joseph, house agent and lodging house, 4 White Rock place

Bannister, George Henry, fruiterer and greengrocer, 6 George street

Barton, John, coach painter, 43 All Saints’ street

Barns, Alfred, baker, 49 All Saints’ street

Bardon, Thomas, lodging house, 8 Bedford place

Barton, Thomas Henry, greengrocer, 17 Prospect place, Cuckoo hill

Barrow, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 6 Castle terrace

Barnes, John, lodging honse, 6 Cavendish terrace

Barchard, Miss Rebecea, lodging house, 4 Beach cottages

Barham, William, painter and lodging house keeper, 4 Spring terrace

Barker, Henry, tobacco, snuff, and cigar manufacturer, 40 Robertson street, and 51 High street

Barker, Isaac, grocer, 1 Trinity terrace

Barham, Henry, Springfield nursery, Old London road

Barton, Bridget, carrier, East street

Barham, Arthur Hoard, lodging house, 6 Stratford place

Barnes, Miss Louisa, mistress of St. Mary’s Infant school, Wellington street

Barham William, grocer, Spring terrace

Barton, John, fishmonger, Fish market

Barnard, John Wyatt, surgeon, Montague house

Baytup, James, boot and shoe maker, 20 Prospect place, St. Michael’s

Bayley, John, registrar of births and deaths for the district of St. Mary in the Castle. Agent to the Phoenix Fire and Pelican Life offices, 25 George street

Beaton, Joseph Gould, Globe inn, Meaden cottages

Bean, Thomas, Lion inn, Stone street

Beck, Henry, lodging houses, 30 and 31 White Rock place

Bedwell, Caleb, poulterer and pork butcher, 11 George street

Belsey, Henry, boot and shoe maker, 4 Pelham street

Beney, Mrs. laundress, 11 Russell street

Benson, Frederick, lodging house, 6 Caroline place

Bennetts, Frank, clerk at the London and County Bank, 9 Wellington square

Beney and Mallyon, milliners and dressmakers, 2 Castle place

Beney, Thomas, lodging house, Argyle house, 7 East parade

Betts, Samuel, grocer and beer retailer, 77 All Saints’ street

Bevins, John, general outfitter and woollen draper, 3 Robertson street

Bevill, Miss C. lodging house, 10 High st

Blayden, Mrs. Charlotte, grocer, 1804 All Saints’ street

Bluton, George, lodging house, Castle hill

Bluton, George, lodging house, 4 Denmark place

Blundell, Stephen, sub-post office, Albion st. Halton

Boliagbroke, Charles W. painter aud house decorator, 41 Robertson street

Boorman, Samuel, carpenter and joiner, 105 High street

Booth and Walder, timber merchant, Priory

Borrow, Miss Lydia, preparatory school for young gentlemen, 117 High street

Bossom, Benjamin, plumber, 53 High street

Bourve and Son, carpenters aud joiners, 8 West street

Bourner, William. jun. pawnbroker and broker, 65 George street

Bouiter, Elizabeth, broker, 21 John street

Boulter, Chas. broker and chimney sweeper, 8 Dorset place, St. Michac!’s

Bovrne, Miss Eleanor, lodging house, 2 East parade

Bower, Mrs. D. lodging house, 4 Prospect place, Priory

Bowmer, Edward, manager of the East Sussex and Hastings Building Society, 8 York buildings

Bowra, William, eating house, 56 High st

Bowerman and Porter, drapers, hosiers, and haberdashers, 4 Robertson street

Boxall, Miss E. lodging house, 8 Marine parade

Brasier, George, lodging house, 1 Carlisle villa

Braye, James Harwick, teacher of mathematics, 45 Wellington square

Brazier, William, boot and shoe maker, 7 St. Andrew’s terrace

Bragge, Nathaniel, cabinet maker, 11 Hill st

Branch, Mrs. Elizabeth, dress and mantle maker, 2 Isabella cottages, Croft road

Breeds, Miss H. hat and cap warehouse, 58 George street

Breeds, Boykett, hatter, 5 Commercial road

Breeds, Thomas, and Co. coal merchants, ship owners, and brewers, 61 High street

Breeds, Boykett, and Sons, general merchants

and auctioneers, 67, 68, 69 George street

Breach, Mrs. 8. lodging house, & High st

Breach, Mark, fishmorger, 4 Commercial rd

Brett, William, Privateer inn, Wellington mews, Cross street

Bright, Edward S. silk mercer and draper, 1, 2 Robertson street

Brooker, Thomas, lodging house, 2 Stratford place

Bromley, John R. tea, coffee, and Italian warehouse, George strect

Broad and Jones, dispensing chemists, 22 Robertson street

Brockwell, James, marine store dealer, Bourne street

Broadbridge, James, bricklayer and plasterer, 1 Castle terrace

Brown, Joseph, plumber, painter, and glazier, 87 High street

Brook, Jeremiah, gun and pistol manufacturer, 2 Commercial road

Broadbridge, Richard, grocer, 14 Castle ter

Bugg, William, lodging house, 10 High Wickham

Bumstead, John, shopkeeper and box maker, Pelham street”

Burfield, James and Charles, jun. brewers, coal and parter merchants, and ship agents, 1 George street, and 1 Wellington place

Burchell, Robert, statuary and mason, cemetery stone works, Priory road

Burt, William, shopkeeper, West street

Burfield and Moulton, wine merchant, 2 George street, and 1 Wellington place

Burfield, J. and C. jun. and Co. brewers, coal merchants, and ship agents, 1 George street, and 1 Wellington place

Burgess, Samuel C. general and furnishing ironmonger, 24 George street

Burton, Francis, beer retailer, West Beach st

Burt, Thomas, dairyman, Halton

Burrell, William, poulterer and licensed dealer in game, 19 Robertson street

Buttenshaw, Mrs. Eliza, laundress, 43 St. Andrew’s terrace


Carpenter, Henry, architect and surveyor, 36 Robertson street

Carswell, William, Royal Swan hotel, High street

Cartledge, Mrs. H. lodging house, 3 Linton terrace

Carpenter, Mrs. Judith, straw bonnet maker, 104 High street

Carpenter, Thomas, grocer, Bohemia terrace, near Hastings

Catts, Mrs. Emma, lodging house, 4 York buildings

Cati, Spencer, lodging house, 4 York buildings

Catt ‘Edwin, milkman and grocer, Bohemia terrace, near Hastings

Chapman, Charles, dairyman, 37 St. Andrew’s terrace

Chandler, Richard Edwards, Pelham Arms inn, Pelham street

Chandler, Charles William, tailor, 8 Wellington place

Chapman, Mrs. Jane, lodging house, 16 York buildings

Chatfield, Alfred, lodging house, 12 East parade

Chapman, Tilden, lodging house, 6 Spring terrace

Chatfield, Alfred, hairdresser, 17 West beach

Chatfield, John, fishmonger, Fish market

Cheal, Mrs. Elizabeth, mistress of St. Mary Magdalen National school for girls

Chester, Brothers, grocers, 121 All Saints’ street

Cheal, Mary Ann, lodging house, York cottage, Pelham street

Choules, William, riding master, Swan mews

Clark, Frank, beer retailer, Bourne street

Clark, Miss Emma, baker, 4 Pelham street

Clapson, Brothers, chimney sweepers, 18 Russell street

Clark, Hugh, draper, 5 Bedford place

Clark, Edward, fish dealer, 9 Winding street.

Clement, George, hop merchant and farmer, Silver hill farm, and 4 Pelham place

Clifton, Miss Fanny, establishment for young ladies, 35 Wellington square

Cobby, Mrs. Ebenezer, beer retailer, Pelham street

Cobby, Henry, mariner, 38 St. Andrew’s ter

Collins, William, carpenter, 8 Castle view place

Collier, Thomas, draper and carpet warehouse, 10 Robertson street

Cowing, Mrs. Elizabeth, lodging house, 6 Wellington square

Collins, Thomas Agate, the Golden Cross inn, Station road

Collens, George, cabinet maker, 2 Prospect place, St. Michael

Collins, George, grocer and baker, 19 Russel street,

Cole, Thomas Holwell, M.A. private tutor, 1 York buildings

Colvin, James, greengrocer, Albion street, Halton

Coleman, William, shopkeeper, 4 Church st

Coleman, William, lodging house, 4 Meadow cottages

Collings, Mrs. Sarah, laundress, 6 Prospect place, Gas works

Collins, George, grocer, baker, and beer retailer, 1 and 2 Dorset place

Conner, John, greengrocer, 20 High street

Connold, Thomas, watch maker and jeweller, 11 Castle street

Cook, S. W. draper, silk mercer, and carpet warehouseman, 7 Robertson street

Corbin, Joseph, coach builder, 7 Wellington terrace, and Castle road

Cousens, Daniel, plumber and glazier, 131 All Saints’ street

Cousens, Elias, Cinque Port Arms, All Saints” street.

Covell, William, greengrocer and tailor, 84 High street

Coverley, Henry, outfitter, &c. 164 George st

Cox, William, Jasper, carpenter, undertaker, and house agent, North terrace, Halton

Cox, James, borough crier, 64 High street

Cox, Mrs. Elizabeth, lodging house, 1 Carlisle parade

Cox, Mrs. Elizabeth, lodging house, 64 High street

Cox, George, boot and shoe maker, Albion street, Halton

Cox, Walter, cooper and turner, John street

Cramp, Mrs. Harriet, shopkeeper, 128 All Saints’ street,

Cramp, Richard, bricklayer, Garden cottage, near the Croft

Creed, William, boot and shoe maker, 9 St. Mary’s terrace

Crittenden, Thomas, hair cutter and natura. list, 4 George street

Croucher, John, licensed to let pony and carriage, Hill street

Crowhurst, George, fish dealer and fruiterer, 12 Winding street

Crotch, George, beer retailer, 8 Castle terrace

Crockett, Mrs. Eliza, lodging house, 8 Saint Andrew’s terrace

Crouch, John, butcher, 1 Castle street

Crouch, William, butcher, East Beach street

Cruttenden, Henry, dairyman, West hill!

Cruttenden, Nelson, bread and biscuit baker, 9 Hembry’s row, Halton



Dabney, William, drill and fencing master, Bohemia terrace

Dabney, William, grocer, Bohemia terrace

Daniel, S. and Jefferys, M. corset maker, 103 High street

Davies, James, tobacconist, 5 Castle street

Dawes, Albert, professor of music, 42 Saint Andrew’s terrace

Day, Peter, lodging house, 8 York buildings

Day, Mrs. E. milliner and dressmaker, 25 George street

Day, John, Berlin repository, Pelham arcade

Defries, Louis, hardwareman, 29 Robertson street

Devlin, Henry, lodging house, 6 Claremont

Dibben, Charles, lodging house, 3 Castledown terrace

Dickinson, J. G. laceman and outfitter, 30 Robertson street

Dicker, Mrs. Mary, lodging house, 7 Denmark cottage

Dine, William, hairdresser, East Beach st

Dine, William, jun. hair dresser, Fish market

Dine, William, hair dresser, 16 John street

Dinsdale, James, lodging houses, 14 and 15 Pelham crescent

Diplock, William, lodging house, 46, Wellington square

Diplock, William, royal marine library, bookseller,

stationer, and music seller, Marine parade

Ditch, Horace, carpenter, 101 High street

Dobell Miss Hannah, boarding house, 8 Croft

Dobell, Ebenezer, watch maker and jeweller, 21 Robertson street

Douch, Edward, fly proprietor, Castle road

Dowsett, James, boot and shoe manufacturer, currier, and leather cutter, 38 High street

D’Oyly, Mrs. Emily, establishment for young ladies, 27 Wellington square

Dake, John, butcher, 49 High street

Duke and Underwood, surgeons, 26 George st

Duke, Charles, tailor, 40 George street and 74 High street

Duke, Samuel, fellmonger and glover, 75 High street

Duly, John, lodging house, 1 Cavendish sq

Dunn, George, mariner, Pelham street

Dunk, Charles, Cutter inn, East parade

Dunk, David, dairyman, 2 South ter. Halton

Dunk, Henry, family tea dealer, grocer, and cheesemonger, 48 High st. and 12 Castle street

Dunk, James, lodging house, 4 Kentish place


Eastland, Miss E. dress maker, 15, John street

Eaton, John, upholsterer, auctioneer, valuer, and house and estate agent, 39, High street

Eaton, Mrs. E. lodging house, 5 Caroline place

Eaton, Charles, draper, 47 High street

Eaton, Mrs. Mary, lodging house, 10 Caroline place

Edmed, George, family grocer, Halton, Old London road

Edmunds, Henry, fishmonger, Fish market

Edwards, John, boot and shoe maker, 8 John street

Edwards, Edward, baker, 19 Prospect place, Saint Michael

Edwards, William, Fountain inn, 8 Prospect place

Edwards, William, builder, 81 St. Andrew’s terrace

Eldridge, Misses M. and A. lodging house, Robertson house

Eldridge, Mrs. S. boarding house, 2 Bedford place

Eldridge, Mrs. Sarah, upholsterer and eabi net maker, 34 High street

Eldridge, Mrs. Sarah, lodging house, 2 Pelham crescent

Elford, Mrs. Maria, dressmaker, 4 Prospect place, Saint Andrew’s terrace

Elgar, Robert, fly proprietor, 30 Russel st.

Ellis, Miss Charlotte, lodging house, 2 White Rock place

Elliott, Edwin, butcher, 84 All Saints’ street

Elliott, Robert, plumber, painter, and glazier, 1 Church street

Ellis, Henry, lodging house, 9 Spring ter

Elliott, Thomas,organist and pianoforte tuner, 2 Robertson street

Emary, James, booking office for omnibuses and fly carriages, Wellington square

Emary, Mrs. Frances, Castle hotel and posting house, Wellington square

Emary, James, Albion hotel and posting house, and wine and spirit merchant, Marine parade, facing the sea

Emary, James, Albion Shades, George street

Emans, Mrs. C. laundress, Saint Michael’s

Enefer, Philip, lodging house, 93 High st

Evans, Henry, lodging house, 3 Pelham crescent

Eversfield, Thomas, Hastings Arms inn, George street

Excell, Benjamin, boot and shoe maker, Halton, Old London road


Fennings, James, grocer, 6 Stone street

Fennings, Thomas Philip, practical teacher of navigation, 52 All Saints’ street

Fielder, Joseph, clothier, 1 Union street

Fisher, John, confectioner, 56 High street

Flynn, Henry, pawnbroker, 36 High street

Foakes, Charles James, surveyor of taxes, 1 Bedford place, and 2 York buildings

Foot, William, lodging house, 8 Spring terrace

Foord, Thomas, cooper, 5 Court house street

Foord William, bonnet cleaner, Fish market house

Foster, Frederick William, schoolmaster, Linton terrace

Foster, Thomas, inspector of weights and measures, 20 Saint Andrew’s terrace

Foster, William, grocer, Hill street

Foster, William, lodging house, 2 East parade

Foster, John, wholesale fruiterer at the Market and Waterloo place

Foster, James, lodging house, 9 East parade

Foster, James, fishmonger, Fish market

Fowle, John, lodging house, 6 East parade

French, Stephen, boot and shoe maker, 6 St. Andrew’s terrace

French, Richard, lodging house, 35 George street

Freeman, James, lodging house, 6 Castle hill

French, Frank, boot and shoemaker, 13 Castle terrace

Frost, Joseph, engine driver, St. Michael’s

Fullagar, Miss M. corset maker, 83 Robertson street

Fullagar, Miss F. lodging house, house, Caroline place

Fuller George, baker, Bourne street

Fullagar, William, lodging house, 3 Caroline place

Funnell, Sampson, grocer, 33 High street

Funnell, Robinson, family grocer, 5 Robertson street

Funnell, Robinson, tobacconist, 54 George street

Fonnell, John Barnes, fancy repository, 21 Castle street

Funnell, John Barnes, grocer and draper, 6 Albion street, Halton

Funnell, John Barnes, grocer, 9 Castle street

Farner, Mrs. Sarah, lodging house, 7 Pelham street

Furner, Edward, gardener and fruiterer, 3 Church street


Gabb, David, Houdley, surgeon, 18, Wellington square

Gallop, James, hair dresser, Castle street

Gallop, James, lodging house, 11 York buildings

Gallop, Mrs. Ann, baker, and sub-post office, 6 St. Mary’s terrace

Gallop, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 9 Albion place, West: hill

Gant, William John, architect and surveyor, 42 George street

Gardner, James Beavington, baker, 138 All Saints’ street ‘

Garrett, Charles Bodenham, M.D. surgeon, 37 Wellington square

Gardner, Henry, brush and basket dealer, 28 George street

Gask, Henry, silk mercer and family draper, 5 and 6 Wellington place

George, Mrs. C. R. lodging house, Prior’s cottage Giles William, lodging house, 1 Castle hill

Gilbert, William, carpenter, Bourne Walk

Gill, Daniel, lodging house, 9 High street

Ginner, William, coal and porter merchant, 45 High street

Glazier, Samuel, lodging house, 11 Wellington square

Glazier and Durrant, drapers and clothiers, 44 High street

Glazier, Miss M. A. straw bonnet maker and milliner, 80 All Saints’ street

Glyde, Henry George, beer retailer, 4 Hill st

Goddard, Brothers, ornamental painters and gilders, 2 Russell street

Godley, John, Ship inn, Bourne street

Goddard, John, lodging house, 3 Carlisle parade

Goldsmith, George, Wellington inn, 8 Stratford place, White Rock place

Golding, Joseph, fruiterer and seedsman, 12 Robertson street

Golding, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 8 St. Mary’s terrace

Goldsmith, James, lodging house, 5 Denmark ‘place

Golding, William, photographie artist, 3 York place

Goldsmith, James, boot and shoe maker, and lodging house, 5 Denmark street

Goodwin, Edward, Halton tavern, Halton

Gore, Miss Haunah Sophia, mistress of St, Mary’s girls’ school, Spring cottage

Gower, Samuel, Star in the Bast, East beach

Grant, Thomas, grocer, 16, High street

Gray, Charles, travelling draper, 9 St. Andrew’s terrace

Graves, Charles, artist, 2 Castle hill

Gray, George Godfrey, wine and spirit merchant, White rock

Grady, Thomas W. tea dealer and provision merchant, 53 George street

Greenhill, William Alexander, physician, 2 Carlisle parade, and 37 Robertson street

Greene, Mrs. Charlotte C. lodging house, 26 White Rock place

Green, Edward Thomas, chemist, 30 St. Andrew’s terrace

Green, Mrs. Charlotte, lodging house, 26 White Rock place

Grisbrook, Henry, builder, 133 All Saints’ street

Griffin, Mrs.‘ Louisa, milliner and dressmaker, 55 All Saints’ street

Grimes, James, shopkeeper, 28 High street

Griffin, John and William, eating house, Bourne street

Griffin, Louis, boot and shoe maker, 1233 All Saints’ street

Griffin, Joho, plumber and glazier, 55 All Saints’ street

Growse and Shorter, solicitors, 86 High st

Growse, Robert, town clerk, Exmouth cottage

Gurr, James, shopkeeper, 111 All Saints’ st

Gwynne, Mrs. Catherine, lodging house, 1 ‘Marine cottages

Gwynne, Edward, plumber, painter, glazier, 9 Bedford place


Hadden, John, shopkeeper, 118 All Saints’ street

Hadden, Benjamin, fishmonger, Fishmarket

Haisell, James, boot and shoe maker, 3 Pelham street

Hall, Miss Elizabeth, dressmaker, 28 Stonefield road

Hammond, Henry, lodging house, Library

Harman, William, baker, 35 All Saints’ st

Hards, Henry, Roebuck inn, 27 High street

Harris, Stephen, basket maker, sub post office, 12 High street

Harvey, Anthony, superintendent registrar of births, deaths, and marriages to the Hastings union, 4 Bentink cottages, All Saints’

Hart, Horace, plumber, glazier, and painter, 6 Croft place

Harris, James, Church street

Hards, William, fly proprietor, 27 High st

Harman, Edwin, builder, 7 Spring terrace

Harman, James, bread baker, 12 George st

Harmer, John, coffee house, Fishmarket

Harman, John, eating house, Fishmarket

Harman, George, tailor, 35 High street

Harris, Charles, lodging house, 6 Pelham crescent

Harman, Stephen, lodging house, Brunswick Marine parade

Hawkins, T. H. the Hastings china and glass rooms, 6 Robertson street

Hawkins, Mrs. A. lodging house, 3 Denmark place

Hayter, James, York tavern, York buildings

Hayward, William, mariner, 584 All Saints’ street,

Hayward, Mrs. C. H. greengrocer, 52 High street

Hazelden, James, dining and refreshment rooms, Pelham house

Hazle, Robert, lodging house, 28 White Rock place

Hazel, John, plumber, 62 George street

Heath, William Henry Wilkins, artist, L Castle hill

Heathfield, Samuel, Stag inn, 15 All Saints” street

Heathfield, John, beer retailer and greéngrocer, 20 Hill street

Heath, Miss Ann, lodging house, 8 White Rock place

Helsdown, James, luggage porter, White Rock mews

Hermitage, George, grocer, Lennox street, Halton

Hickes, Thomas, general merchant, Bohemia road

Hide, Mrs. Ann, shopkeeper, 53 All Saints’ street

Hide, Sarah, clothier, 109 All Saints’ street

Hildred, Charles, managing clerk at Alderton and Shrewsbury’s, 88 High street

Hilder, Stephen, linen draper and silk mercer, 7 Castle street

Hinckley, Robert, bricklayer, painter, and glazier, Post office passage

Hinkley, Robert, bricklayer, Winding street

Hoad, Miss A. milliner and dress maker 44½ George street

Hodder, Miss Matilda, establishment for young ladies, 4 High street

Holmes, Albert, lodging house, 5 Stratford pl

Holt, Miss Ann, fancy repository, 23 and 24 White Rock place

Holland, John Montgomery, lodging house, 115 High street

Holding, Charles, lodging house, 6 Robertson terrace

Honiss, Albert, hosier, glover, and trimming seller, 16 Wellington place

Honiss, George, general house decorator, and appraiser, 31 George street

Honiss, A. staymaker, 5 York place

Hope, John, beer retailer, West street

Hopper, William, Wheatsheaf, Bohemia ter

Hope, George Curling, auctioneer and house agent, Trinity house, Robertson street

Hope, G. Curling, Berlin warehouseman, 17 Robertson street

Howard, James, lodging house, 25 White Rock place

Howe, John Ashton, lodging house, 10 East parade

Hadson, Jobn,tailor, 40 All Saints’ street

Hughes, Miss Ellen, laundress, 11 Croft

Huggett, Henry, beer retailer, Bourne st

Huggett, Joshua, ironmonger, 13 Castle st

Huggins, James, laundress and basket maker, Bohemia terrace

Hugh, Paul, reporter to the Hastings and St. Leonards Chronicle, 4 Robertson ter

Hamphreys, Mrs. Martha, lodging house, 3 Beach cottages

Hunt, Mrs, lodging house, Pelham cottage

Hunter, Thomas, bricklayer, 27 Bourne st

Husband, William, greengrocer, 6 Castle rd

Hutchinson, Miss H, lodging house, 7 Castle hill

Hutchinson, James, boat builder, Pelham st and Castle hill

Hutchings, Miss Ellen, dressmaker, 26 Stonefield road

Hutchinson and Vidler, blacksmiths, Pelham street

Hutchings, Charles Pope, Marine hotel, Pelham place, facing the sea

Hyams, George, lapidary and jeweller, 17 Wellington place


Ide, Charles, tailor, 8 Croft place

Inkpen, George, superintendent at Gas works, 31 St, Andrew’s terrace

Inskipp, Frederick Charles, registrar of births and deaths for All Saints’ district, and clerk to the Guardians of Hastings union, East hill

Inskipp, George, linen and woollen draper, 8 George street

Ives, Mrs. Haunah, milliner and straw hat maker, 44 George street

Ives, James, assistant overseer of the parish of St. Clement, 44 George street

Ives, Mrs. J. straw hat and bonnet manufacturer, 44 George street


Jackson, Charles, surgeon dentist, 7 York buildings

James, Thomas Henshaw, clerk at the London and County bank, 28 Pelham street

James, Mrs. milliner and dressmaker, 5 George street

Jarvis, William, lodging house, 22 St. Mary’s terraee

Jarvis, Edward, Carpenter's Arms, St. Michael’s

Jeffery, John, boot ‘and shoe maker, Bohemia terrace

Jenkins, Thomas, Tiger inn, 19 Stonefield rd

Jenner, Richard, lodging house, 31 Pelham street

Jenner, Mrs, Agnes, lodging house, 1 Kentish place

Job, Joseph, watchmaker and jeweller, 32 George street

Johnson, Richard, furrier, 72 High street

Jones, William, veterinary surgeon, Croft

Jones, George Clark, builder and surveyor, 90a High street

Jones, Mrs. Jane, lodging house, 7 Wellington square

Jones, Charles, lodging house, 4 Stratford pl

Judge, Henry, baker, 16 Stone street

Judge, Mrs. M. dressmaker, 85 All Saints’ st

Judge, Joseph, builder, broker and house agent, 2, 3, and 4 Union street, and 39 Robertson street

Judge, Charles, carpenter, Bourne passage


Kempsell, James, cordwainer, 8 Winding st

Kennard, Mary, shopkeeper, 22 All Saints st

Kenyon, Mrs. Mary, lodging house, 4 Caroline place

Kennett, Bishop, station master of the South Eastern railway terminus

Kent, Spencer, shopkeeper, 58 All Saints’ st.

Kent, Charlotte, baker, 67 All Saints’ street

Kent, Brothers, ship builders and owners, East street

Keyworth, George Alexander, dispensing and homeopathic chemist, 12 Wellington pl. late 9 York place

King, James, shoemaker, 13 Stonefield road

King, Stephen, Henham, solicitor, 21 Robertson street

Kirby, Henry, fly proprietor, near Denmark place

Knight, George, boot and shoe maker, 72 High street


Lade, Thomas, commission agent and lodging house, St. Ann’s cottage, Castle hill

Laing, John, Borough surveyor, and surveyor to the Local Board of Health, 40 High st

Langham, James George and Thomas Parker, solicitors, 1 High street

Lancaster, Henry, cabinet maker, upholsterer, and valuer, 42 Robertson street

Lane, Charles, lodging house, 5 Meadow cottages

Langham, Thomas Parker, solicitor, and commissioner for affidavits in all the courts, 23 Robertson street

Lansdell, Mrs. Ann, straw hat maker, 3 Bentinck cottages

Lansdell, James, lodging houses, from 1 to 7 Breed’s place

Lansdell, James, jun. lodging house agent, 15 Wellington square,

Lapidge, Lieut. C. H., R.N. Coast guard station (commanding officer), Priory

Larken, George, boot and shoe maker, 9 Russell street

Latter, Mrs. H. eating house, 32 Russell st

Lawrence, James, lodging house, 29 Wellington square

Lea, H. C. dispensing chemist, 66 High st

Leopard, Edward, shopkeeper, East Bourne street,

Leopard, Edward, fishmonger, Fishmarket

Lever, William, and Company, operative chemists, 3 and 4 Wellington place

Lindridge, George, bookseller, stationer, and music repository, 35 Robertson street

Lock, Thomas, whitesmith, 81 and 90 All Saints’ street

Longley, Mrs. Frances, lodging house, 3 Gloucester place

Longhurst, Walter, Queen’s Head inn, Fish-market

Lord, Edward, grocer, 116 and 117 All Saints’ street

Lovegrove, James, lodging house, 18 White Rock place

Lowe, Mrs. M. A. lodging house, 10 York buildings

Lulham, Thomas and Co. boot and shoe warehouse, York house, Wellington place

Lulham and Prior, tailors and practical habit makers, 28 White Rock place

Lulham, Miss Ann, dressmaker, 2 High st

Lusted Mrs. Elizabeth, lodging houses, 18 and 19 St. Andrew’s terrace

Lye, Mrs. milliner and dressmaker, 25 George street

Lynn, James, commercial boarding house, 8 Robertson street


MacArthur, Mrs. C. milliner and dressmaker, 1 Pelham Sea View cottages

Mace, Miss, lodging house, 9 East parade

Malins, Frederick Peter, hairdresser, West Beach street

Mann, Mrs. Elizabeth, lodging house, 9 Pelham crescent

Mann, Thomas, carver, gilder, and artists’ eolourman, 20 Robertson street

Mann, Thomas, jun. photographie artist, 20 Robertson street

Mann, F. S. carver and gilder, 13 Wellington place

Manser, Mrs. Sarah, laundress, St. Michael’s

Mann, Mrs. Ann, lodging house, 14 York buildings

Mann, Mrs. Ann, fishmonger, Fishmarket

Markwick, Richard, Chimney sweeper, Lennox street, Halton

Marchant, Robert, butcher and shopkeeper, Lennox street, Halton

Martin, E. and H. solicitors, Battle, and 17 Wellington square

Martin, William, fishmonger, Fishmarket

Mason, William, chemist and druggist, 584 High street

Masters, Thomas, lodging house, 31 Pelham street

Maynard, Thomas, establishment for young gentlemen, 1 Paragon .

May, Reuben, lodging house, and sexton to St. Mary’s in the Castle, 1 Castle place

McCormick, George, lodging honse, 2 Kentish place

McCormick, Mrs. Grace, lodging house, 9 Croft

Medhurst, George, Royal Standard hotel, Robertson street

Merrion, John, Market tavern, Rast Beach st

Message, Thomas, builder; 12 Trinity terrace

Milson, Miss E. milliner, 9 Wellington place

Mills, Thomas, the Angel inn, St. Mary’s ter

Mills, John, fish merchant, 11 Pelham crescent

Miller, Mrs. Kessiah, lodging house, 1 Spring terrace

Miller, George, lodging house, 2 St, Andrew’s terrace

Mills, Joseph, fruiterer and greengrocer, at the Market and West street

Miller, Miss J. ready made linen warehouse, 25 Castle street

Mills, Mrs. Ann, shopkeeper, 5 Claremont

Mills, John, lodging house, 11 Marine Parade

Mitchell, Miss S. establishment for young ladies, West hill cottage, Exmouth place

Mitchell, Thomas, carpenter and joiner, West hill cottage, Exmouth place

Mitchell, Alexander, fishmonger, Fishmarket,

Monk, Mrs. R. dressmaker, 36 St. Andrew’s terrace

Monk, Miss C. dressmaker, 17 Hill street

Moor, J. B. and Sons, fancy repository, 1 Carlisle parade, 32 Robertson street, and Royal Pelham arcade

Mooney, Mrs. lodging house, 3 Trinity place

Moon, Robert, boot and shoe maker, West Beach street

Moon, Robert, shrimper, 10 John street

Moore, Richard, grocer, 69 Ail Saints’ street

Moore, Thomas, baker, 8 Stone street

Moore, Henry, stationer, bookseller, and dealer in fancy goods, 73 High street

Moon, Richard, shoemaker, Fishmarket

Moor, John, lodging house, 7 Pelham crescent

Moppett, James, lodging house, 4 Verulam p!

Morton, Mrs, H. china and glass warehouse, 43 High street

Morfee, Edward, lodging house, 3 Carlisle villas

Morfee, George, mariner, 28 Bourne street

Morris, Mrs. lodging house, 13 and 14 St. Andrew’s terrace

Morris, William, fruiterer and greengrocer, 1 Castle road

Mott, C. F. and Co. wine merchants, 10 Breed’s place

Mundain, Mrs. Judith, lodging house, 3 Spring terrace

Murray, Walter, establishment for young gentlemen, Hill house, Hill street

Murray, John, foreign depét, Robertson st

Murray, John, jun. watchmaker and jeweller, 8 and 8 Castle street

Murdock, David, dairyman, 17 St. Andrew’s terrace

Murdock, John, boot and shoe maker, 20 Russell street


Nash, Mrs. Sophia, lodging house, 1 Denmark place

Nash, Richard, lodging house, 3 Kentish pl

Nash, Edward, lodging house, 8 Pelham crescent

Nabbs, William, lodging house, 1 Marine parade

Newbery, Henry, confectioner, 7 George st

Neal, John, Lord Nelson, East bourne street

Newbery, Alfred, baker, 110 All Saints’ st

Nelson, Thomas, china dealer, Wellington pl

Nickolls, Miss Caroline, establishment for young ladies, 6 Castledown terrace

Nickerson, Robert, tailor, 26 St. Andrew’s terrace

Notcutt, James, linen draper, 60 George st

Noakes, George, fishmonger, Fishmarket

Norwood, Thomas, family and dispensing chemist, 14 Pelliam place

Northeast, Egbert, fruiterer, greengrocer, and seedsman, 6 George street

Northeast, Egbert, lodging house, 5 Wellington square

Noakes, James, plumber, painter, and glazier, Castle street, and lodging house, 2 Caroline place

Noakes, Thomas, smith, bellhanger, &c. St. Michael’s


Oliver, John, shell repository, Marine parade

O’Neill, John Gower, Pelham place, manager of London and County Branch Bank

Osborn, Mrs. Susan, lodging house, 15 York buildings

Osborne, Mrs. Charlotte, letter-press and copper-plate printing office, 55 George st

Osborne, Thomas, lodging house, 7 Caroline place

Osborne, Thomas, carpenter, Prospect place


Pace, John Alliss, King’s Head commercial and family inn, Court House street

Padgham, William, shoemaker, East Beach street

Page, James, fish dealer, 4 Bourne street

Paint, Mrs. E. lodging house, 4 Carlisle parade

Pain, William, saddler, 50 High street

Palmer, Charles, marine store dealer, John st

Pankhurst, John, butcher and grazier, 83 High street

Parks, David, lodging house, 30 Pelham st

Parry, Lieut. Robert, R.N. commanding officer,

Parade, Government house

Parker, Thomas, and Co. wine and spirit merchants, 8 Breed’s place

Parsons and Stuchbery, printers, 34 High st

Pattenden, Robert, builder, 6 High strect

Paul, Thomas, master gunner, Royal Artillery, Government cottage

Payne, Mrs. Elizabeth, lodging house, 4 Carlisle parade

Pearson, Alexander, baker and retailer of beer, 17 and 18 High street

Pearson, John, lodging house, 8 Caroline pl

Peach, Mrs. and Miss, establishment for young ladies, 5 Lower croft

Pearson, Charles, corn dealer and beer retailer, 14 High street

Pegge, Mrs. U. hosier and glover, 31 Robertson street

Penny, John, clothier, 106 All Saints’ street

Penhall, John, surgeon, 2 Priory house, Robertson street, and Bohemia road

Pepper, Miss Ann, lodging house, 7 White Rock place

Pepper, Edward, tailor, 2 Bourne street

Perrie, William, shopkeeper and beer retailer, 5 Russell street

Perry, Mrs. James, lodging house, 4 Pelham place

Phillips, William, collector of rates for the Local Board of Health, 6 Croft

Phillips, Mrs. Ann, lodging houses, 9 and 10 White Rock place

Phillips, George, grocer, 62 All Saints’ street

Phillips, James, bottled ale and porter merchant,

and cigar dealer, 57 George street

Phillips, James, greengrocer, 119 All Saints’ street

Phillips, Henry, lodging house, 2 Pelham st

Phillips, Mrs, Frances, lodging house, 5 Carlisle parade

Phillips, Miss Jane, lodging house, 5 Pelham crescent

Phillips, Henry, tailor, 46 George street

Phillips, Mrs. Maria, lodging house, 1 Beach cottages

Phillips, George, lodging house, 1 St. Andrew’s terrace

Phillips, Mrs. lawndress, 15 John street

Phillips, John, solicitor, George street

Phillips, William, master mariner, 20 Castle street

Phillips, Thomas, billiard table keeper, 5 Beach cottages; and Assembly Rooms, St. Leonards-on-Sea

Philcox, Samuel, saddler, 43 Robertson st

Philcox, Samuel, lodging house, Dorset place

Philcox, John, baker and grocer, Winding st

Phileox, Mrs. Mary, laundress, 4 Russell st

Philpott, Edward, greengrocer, Russell st

Pickerden, Mrs. Hannah, lodging house, 63 High street

Picknell, Edward, plumber, painter, and glazier, 11 Wellington place

Picknell, Edward, jun. lodging house, 2 Pelham Sea View cottages

Picknell, Charles, lodging house, 2 Marine cottages

Picknell, William, builder and decorator, 5 Linton terrace

Picknell, Mrs. Elizabeth, lodging house, Robertson street

Picknell, Mrs. L. lodging house, Victoria cottage, Kentish place

Picket, Mrs, lodging house, 5 Pelham place

Pierce, Edward C. stationer and music seller, 9 Robertson street

Pierce, Miss E. milliner and straw hat and bonnet maker, 67 High street

Pierce, George, manager to the Water works of the Local Board, 67 High street

Pilbcam, Stephen, Crown inn, All Saints’ st

Piper, William, master mariner, 48 All Saints’ street,

Piper James, lodging house, 2 Castle terrace

Piper, John, lodging house, Exmouth cottage, West hill

Piper, Jane, beer retailer, and light house, fish market

Pittman, Henry, druggist, Bourne walk

Plass, Mrs. lodging house, 16 St. Andrew’s terrace

Plane, Jeremiah, bricklayer and plasterer, 21 Hill street

Pleydell, Thomas, shoemaker, 33 West street

Pocock, Miss Eliza, governess, 2 Spring ter

Pocock, Brothers, shoe manufacturers, Pelham arcade

Pollard, William, bookbinder, &c. 11 High st

Pollard, Thomas, G. British bird dealer, 61 George street

Pollard, Thomas, tailor, 19 High street

Polhill, Henry,-pork butcher, 4 Robertson st

Pollard, Mrs. Louisa, milliner, 102 High st

Pomphrey, Miss S. milliner and dressmaker, 3 West street

Pont, John, fellmonger, Old London road

Poole, George Bruce, plumber, &c. 9 Hill st

Porter, Rev. W. West Hill house School

Prior, William, lodging house, 5 Spring ter

Prior, Horace Sparks, hairdresser and perfumer, 7 Stratford place

Prior, Henry, plumber, painter, and glazier, 31 Russell street

Prior, Henry, lodging house, 2 Denmark pl

Prior, John, cooper, 5 John street

Purfield, James, lodging house, 9 Bedford pl

Purfield, James, fancy repository, 16 Castle street,

Putland, James, gardener, 5 South terrace, Halton

Patland, Henry, pork butcher, 14 George street


Ranger, Mrs. Harriet, baker, 16 Stone street

Ranger, Mrs. Maria, lodging house, 4 Linton terrace

Ranking and Gabb, surgeons, 18 Wellington square

Ransom, Robert, surgeon dentist, 3 Verulam place

Ransom, Mrs. Jane, lodging house, 2 York buildings

Ransom, George Edward, baker, 29 High st

Ransom, John, printer and publisher of the Hastings and St. Leonards News, 44½ George street

Ransom, William, printer, stationer, and bookseller, 42 George street

Ransom, Thomas, bookbinder, 6 North terrace, Halton

Ray, Richard, cook, 14 Russell street

Read, Edward, clocksmith, Winding street

Reeves, John, leather and shoe seller, 27 George street, and 23 Robertson street

Reeves, James, ironmonger, 55 High street

Reeves, Thomas, fruiterer and greengrocer, at the Market, and Wellington court

Reeves, William, broker, 9, 10, 12 Court House street

Reynolds, William R. Inland Revenue officer, Old London road, Halton

Richards, George, lodging house, 11 Carlisle parade

Richardson, William, fruiterer and greengrocer, East beach

Richardson, Joel, baker, 70, 76 All Saints’ strect

Richardson, Mrs. Sarah, greengrocer, 47 All Saints’ street

Richardson, Mrs. C. lodging house, 6 Meadow cottages

Richardson, Miss M. lodging house, 33 White Rock

Richardson, Miss E. lodging house, 5 Marine parade

Ridley, William, grocer, 4 St. Andrew’s ter

Riddlestorffer, George, furrier, Pelham arcade

Robiliard, Mrs. Mary, lodging house, 6 York buildings

Robinson, Frederick, lodging house, Pembroke house, 11 East parade

Robb, Henry George, broker and commission agent, 77 High street,

Roberson, Ezra, boot and shoe maker, Hast Bourne street

Robinson, Frederick, boot and shoe maker, 30 High street

Robinson, Robert, Jenny Lind, 69 High st

Robertson, William, beer retailer, West Beach street

Rock, William Peter, ‘button and trimming seller, 4 Stratford place

Rock and Son, carriage patentees and manufacturers, 5 and 6 Stratford place

Rogers, William, greengrocer, 71 High st

Rogers, John, lodging house, 11 Spring ter

Rogers, John B. engraver, 1 West street

Rogers, William, fruiterer and greengrocer, at the Market, and 71 High street

Rogers, William, boot and shoe maker, High Vickham

Rose, Moses, boot and shoe maker, Cliffe cottages, Stratford place

Ross, Miss Patience, lodging house, 2 and 3 Claremont

Ross, Thomas, lodging house, 1 Claremont

Rumens, James, Hope inn, Halton

Russell, Lewis John, baker and confectioner, 34 White Rock place

Russell, William, fruiterer and greengrocer, 17 Castle street

Russell, James, lodging house, 2 Croft place

Russell, Mrs. Matilda, laundress and clear starcher, 48 Stonefield road

Russell, Misses Mary Ann and Caroline, lodging house, 5 White Rock place


Samson, Joseph, house agent, 2 Church st

Samson, Mrs. Joseph, seminary, Cobourg pl

Sargent, Mrs. Martha, shopkeeper, 403 All Saints’ street .

Sargent, Misses, laundress, York gardens

Sargent, Miss Maria, lodging house, 98 High street

Sargent, Matthew L, baker, 3 John street

Sargent, Mrs. lodging house, 6 Petham pl

Saunders, Philis, lodging house, 4 Castle hill

Savery, John, surgeon, 12 York buildings

Scott, John Spratt, shopkeeper, Bourne walk

Sears, Mrs. B. laundress, 8 Court house st

Selmes, Stephen, lodging house, 23 St. Mary’s terrace

Sevenoaks, Miss Elizabeth, lodging house, 4 Pelham crescent

Shackelford, Thomas, fancy bread and biscuit baker, 5 Castle road

Sharp, Mrs. Jane, laundress, 1 Castle view cottages

Sheen, Thomas, currier and leather cutter, Pelham street

Shirley, A. hairdresser and perfumer, 9 Breed’s place

Shotter, Alfred, grocer and tea dealer, 34 Robertson street

Simmonds, Mrs. M. A. milliner and dressmaker, 23 All Saints’ street

Simmonds, Thomas, bricklayer, 107 All Saints’ street

Sinden, Charles William, postmaster, 24 St. Andrew’s terrace

Sinden, George, plumber and painter, 88 All Saints’ street

Sinden, Stephen, fruiferer and greengrocer, at the Market, and 2 Post office passage

Sinden, William, fly proprietor, High street

Sinden, Henry, butcher, 42 High street

Sinden, Samuel, laundress, 11 St. Andrew’s terrace

Sisley, Mrs. M. lodging house, 6 Denmark place

Skinner, William Edward, lodging house, 6 White Rock place

Skinner, Charles, Freemasons’ tavern, Wellington place

Smallfield, George, upholsterer, sofa and easy chair manufacturer, 26 High street

Smith, William, lodging house, Castle view cottage

Smith, Miss Louisa, milliner, 17 Stone street

Smith, William, baker and confectioner, 51 High street

Smith, William, chemist, druggist, and mineral water manufacturer, 20 George street

Smith, Jane, shopkeeper, 104 All Saints’ st

Smith, Mrs. lodging house, Hanover house, East parade

Smith, Mrs. Ann, lodging house, 3 Stratford place

Smith, Miss J. A. toy repository, 35 High street

Smith, Benjamin, boot and shoe maker, York gardens

Snaith, John, jun. gardener, 92 All Saints’ st

Snaith, John, gardener and seedsman, 92 All Saints’ street:

Snashall, James, shopkeeper, 2 Bourne street

Soane, William Duke, plamber, glazier, and painter, 10 Bedford place, and All Saints’ street

Solomons, Henry P. marine store dealer and clothier, 28 John street

Solomons, Henry P. Railway hotel, Terminus road

Spencer, J. and R. family drapers, 58 and 59 High street

Stace, Mrs. Ann, lodging house, 7 East parade

Standen and Forest, tailors and habit makers 68 High street

Stanley, Charles, tailor and lodging house, 18 White Rock place, and Castle road

Stanford, George, lodging house, 1 Spring terrace

Standen, William E. house agent and undertaker, 4 Castle terrace

Standen, William, tailor, Croft cottage

Starr, George, rrieklayer and plasterer, Pears’s place, Court House street

Standen, John, dairyman, 15 Stone street

Starr, Jeremiah, baker, 89 All Saints’ street

Stace, Samuel, shoeing smith, 6 Marine parade

Standen, William, builder, 1 Croft place

Stace, George, fishmonger and poulterer, 2 Castle street

Stace, William, fly proprietor, 4 Castle road

Steavenson, Dr. Joseph, member of the Royal College of Physicians, 14 Linton terrace

Stevens, Henry, lodging house, 3 Cavendish terrace

Stevens, William, lodging house, 2 Trinity place

Stevenson and Company, tea dealers, 10 Wellington place

Stevenson, Henry, the Rising Sun, West Beach street

Stewart, Mrs, E. H. eating house, 29 George street

Stewart, Mrs. Mary Ann, shopkeeper, 50 All Saints’ street

Stickells, Mrs. Elizabeth, lodging house, 1a Robertson street

Stickells, William, coach builder, East parade

Stone, Edward Godson, tailor, 23 Castle st

Stone street, William, hairdresser, 82 High street

Stoaks, Edward John, lodging house, 2 Marine parade

Stoakes, Mrs. E. greengrocer, 64 All Saints’ street

Streeter, Frederick, confectioner, fancy bread and biscuit baker, 10 Castle street

Strickland, Edmund, corn dealer and coal merchant, 66 George street

Streeter, John, baker and confectioner, 26 Robertson street

Stubberfield, John, corn dealer, Cumberland house

Sutton, William, general draper, corner of High street and George street

Swain, Charles Dearing, plumber and glazier 8 Albion place, West hill

Swain, Mrs. Ann, laundress, East Beach st

Swain, Robert, Jolly Fisherman, Fishmarket

Swain, Johava, Fishmonger, Fishmarket

Swain, Mark, lodging house, la Carlisle parade

Swaine, Mrs. L. shopkeeper, 96 All Saints’ street


Tanner, John, tailor, 30 All Saints’ street

Tassell, Thomas, beer retailer, East Beach st

Taylor, Mrs. J. laundress, 15 Prospect place, St. Michael’s

Taylor, Thomas, tailor and glover, and post office receiving house, 28 White Rock pl

Taylor, Thomas, lodging house, 22 White Rock place

Thatcher, Mrs. Martha, Pelham baths, 8 Pelham place

Thompson, Thomas, contractor, 82 St. Andrew’s terrace

Thomas, James, greengrocer and fruiterer, 21 Prospect place, Cuckoo hill

Thomas, David, grocer and baker, Egremont place, Halton

Thorpe, George Archibald, boot and shoe manufacturer, 21 and 22 George street

Thomas, Joshua, baker, 24 High street

Thwaites, Jeremiah, pork butcher, 8 George street

Thwaites, James Henry, lodging house, Portland place

Thwaites, Mrs. lodging house, Parade cottage

Thwaites, Henry, butcher, coal merchant and farmer, 8 Commercial road

Ticehurst, Frederick, surgeon, 41 High st

Tilden, John, lodging house, 33 St. Andrew’s terrace

Tindall, John, fruiterer and greengrocer, 84 High street

Tindall, Stephen, fly proprietor, 5 Cavendish terrace

Tinley, William, lodging house, 7 Beach cottages

Tolhurst, Tylden, marine store dealer, West st

Tooth and Denney, milliners and dress makers, 4 Castle street

Torrance, James, boot and shoe maker, 7 John street, and 4 Bourne street

Torrance, Thomas, lodging house, 1 East parade

Torrance, Thomas, tailor, 1 East parade

Townsend, Benjamin, brewer, Stonefield rd

Tree, Miss Elizabeth, lodging house, 5 St. Andrew’s terrace

Tredray, John, artist and photographist, 3 Robertson street

Tree, John, Sea Side hotel, Stratford place

Tucker, John, hairdresser, 15 George street

Tunnell, Robinson, tea dealer, 51 George st

Tuppen, William, hairdresser and coffee house, 4 John street

Turner, George Brown, M.D. surgeon, 10 Verulam place

Turner, Thomas, Priory inn, Robertson st

Tutt, John Jones, statuary and mason, 40 St. Andrew’s terrace

Tutt, John, pleasure boat proprietor, 5 Bellevue, West hill

Tutt, George, boat builder, 34 All Saints’ st

Tyhurst, Edward, tailor, 16 Winding street

Tyrell, Henry, watch and clock maker, 24 Castle street


Underwood, John, M.D. physician, 26 George street

Urquhart, Mrs. straw hat manufacturer, 45 George street

Urry, Theophilus Ayliffe, establishment for young gentlemen, 12 Russell street, Bedford place


Ventlett, Mrs, Isabella, lodging house, 21 White Rock place

Veness, James, greengrocer, West hill

Veness, George, builder and lodging house keeper, 10 Pelham crescent

Veness, George William, broker, Post office passage

Verney, William, confectioner, 15 Castle st

Venvall, Henry, mason and bnilder, 29 St. Andrew’s terrace

Vickery, Charles, cook and confectioner, 505 George street

Viddler, Henry, shoemaker, 9 Winding st

Vidler, Edmund, lodging house, 5 St. Mary’s terrace

Vidler, Alfred, plumber and house decorator, Claremont

Vidler, Thomas, plumber, Wellington house

Vincent, Walter, butcher, 18 Stone street


Wagstaff, Mrs. Maria, lodging house, 13 York buildings

Waghorne, Thomas, butcher, 14 Castle street, and 27 Robertson street

Wakeford, John, fishmonger, Fishmarket

Walford, Mrs. Mary, lodging house, 10 Caroline place

Walker, Misses, straw bonnet and dress makers, 1 Meadow cottages

Watford, Samuel, boot and shoe maker, 56 All Saints’ street

Watson, Daniel, lodging house, 9 York builds

Waters, James Jones, pastry cook and confectioner, 82 White Rock place

Waters, Frederick, lodging houses 2 and 3 Prior’s cottages, Pelham street

Waters, W. W. dyer and scourer, 4 George st

Waters, Stephen, tin and cdpper plate worker, 1 North terrace, Halton

Weaver, James, trunk and box maker, 37 High street

Webb, John, boot and shoe maker, East st

Webb, John, Royal Standard, East street

Weeks, Thomas, tailor, hatter, and habit maker, 11 Robertson street

Weeks, Henry, tailor, 23 St. Andrew’s ter

Welfare, Edward, grocer, 137 All Saint’s st

Wellerd, George, butcher, 68 George street

Wellerd, James, pork butcher, 30 George st

Wellerd, Walter, builder, 30 St. Mary’s ter

Weller, Miss C. lodging house, 2 Upper Trinity terrace

Weller, Thomas, fruiterer, Castle street

Wells, Lewis, toy and fancy ropository, 5 George street

Wellerd, William, butcher and lodging house, 42 Robertson street

Wellfare, Edward, blacksmith and bellhanger, 137 All Saiats’ street

Wenham, Edward, saddle and harness maker 15 Robertson street

Wenham, William, Duke of Cornwall, Winding street

West, Charles, Anchor inn, 13 George street

Weston, Mrs. C. watchmaker and stationer, 60 High street

Westwood, William, agent to Henri and Co,’s patent cattle meal, 94 High street

West, Charles, wine merchant 64 George st

West, Charles, Anchor inn, 13 George street

Weston, Mrs, watch and clock maker, 60 High street

Weston, James, gardener, 13 High street

Weston, Thomas, gardener, 118 High street

Wheeler, James, lodgiug house, 7 Prospect place, St. Andrew’s terrace

Wheeler, Edward, confectioner, 17 George st

Whittington, John, collector of poor rates for the parish of St. Mary in the Castle, 14 St. Andrew’s terrace

Whitley, Miss Isabella, school for children, 93 All Saints’ street

Whiting, Edward, grocer and soda water manufacturer, 61 All Saints’ street

Whiting, William, grocer, 33 All Saints’ st

White, James, greengrocer, 189 All Saints’ st

White, Miss Eliza, laundress, 18 Prospect place, Saint Michael’s

White, James, basket and sieve maker, 70 High street

White, Thomas, baker, Great Bourne street

White, Miss Hannah, grocer, 75 All Saints’ st

White, William, butcher, 108 All Saints’ st

White, Thomas Mann, baker, 97 All Saints’ street

White, Thomas, grocer and cheesemonger 41 George street

White, Joseph, fishmonger, Fishmarket

White, Mrs. Hannah, lodging house, 20 White Rock place White, Miss Hannah, grocer, 75 All Saints’ street.

White, George, Dolphin, East Beach

Whiteman, Spencer, bookseller and stationer, Castle library .

Whiteman, Mrs. Frances, cowkeeper, 6 Court-house street

White, Thomas, fly proprietor, Pleasant row

Wkittaker, Charles, artist, 16 George street

Wilkinson, Mrs. Mary, lodging house, 2 St. Michael’s place

Willit, Richard, chimney sweeper, 19} West street

Willett, George Burgess, stationer, &c. 21 High street .

Willett, William, lodging house, 4 Marine parade

Williams, T. B. baker, 1 Hill street, and 2 Paragon buildings

Willis, James, fishmonger, Winding street

Willard, George, riding master, 3 Castle ter

Wimble, Mrs. Jane, lodging house, Portland house

Wingfield, Nicholas, lodging house, 3 East parade

Wingfield, Charles, lodging house, 12 Spring terrace

Wingfield, George, sailmaker, 2 Beach cotts

Wingfield, Nicholas, sub-agent for Lloyds’, and deputy sergeant for the west division of the Cinque Ports, 3 East parade

Winter, William, inspector of nuisances, Sinnock cottage

Winter, William, timber and coal merchant, 2 Meadow cottages, and Claremout

Winter, Mrs. Ann, lodging house, 19 White Rock place

Winter, George, Shipwrights’ Arms, Winding street’

Winter, George, statuary and mason, Croft road

Winter and Mancer, blacksmiths, Claremont

Winter, George, lodging house, 19 White Rock

Winter and Son, ship builders, and coal merchants, Claremont road

Winter, James, lodging house, 4 Cavendish terrace

Winter, Charles, greengrocer and beer retailer, 31 High street

Winter, Nathaniel, bricklayer and plasterer, 100 High street

Winter, Henry, printer, bookseller, and stationer, sub post and stamp office, 59 George street

Winter, Frederick, lodging house, 2 Carlisle villas .

Winter and Son, timber and coal merchants, 19 White Rock place, and Claremont

Winter, Frederick, grocer and registrar of marriages, 423 High street

Womersley, Charles Harvey, upholsterer, undertaker, and auctioneer, 1 Harold pl

Woods, John, stationer, and Tunbridge Wells repository, aud postmaster, 2 Wellington street

Wood, William, builder, Winding street

Wood, Mrs. Rebecca, George inn, 120 All Saints’ street

Wood, Daniel, boot and shoe maker, Alt Saints’ street

Wood, George, pork butchery 10 Winding st

Wood, Benjamin, professor of music and musical repository, 13 Robertson street

Wood, William, greengrocer and fruiterer, 17 Slone street

Wood, George Frederick, grocer and tea dealer, 47 and 48 George street

Wood, Edward, fishmonger, Fishmarket

Wood, John, fishmonger, Fishmarket

Wood, Mrs. Charlotte, toy dealer and stationer, 37 High street

Woolent, John, managing clerk to W. B. Young, solicitor, 3 Exmouth place

Woolgar, William, grocer, 22 St. Andrew’s terrace

Woolgar, William, grocer, 40 Sionefield rd

Woolger, William, shoeing smith and farrier, West street, and 22 St. Andrew’s terrace

Woolger, Lawrence Fauleoner, miller, St. Mary’s terrace

Wyatt, William, lodging houses, 38 and 39 Wellington square


Yates, William Lawrence, Royal Oak family and commercial hotel, wine and spirit merchant, good livery and bait stables, Castle street, facing the sea

Young and Shaw, coal merchants, Railway station

Young, William, retailer of beer, West street

Young, James, mariner, 525 High street

Young, William B. solicitor and registrar of the County court, 80 High street


John Woods, Postmaster, 2 Wellington place.

Money Orders are granted and paid. Letters arrive from London at 3 a.m., and are despatched at 10.15 a.m. Arrive from Brighton and district, 1 p.m. and are despatched at 9.10 am. Arrive from Dover, Canterbury, and districts at 8.20 a.m.; and are despatched at 4.30 p.m. Foreign communications through France by the Dover mail. There are Receiving Houses at 12 High street, 16 George street, White Rock place, and Albion street, and at the Railway Stations, closing at 9 a.m. and 8 p.m.


London and County Bank, 8 George street. John Gower O'Neil, esq., Manager. Draw on head office, Lombard street.

Savings’ Bank. John Banks, Actuary.

Bank of Deposit, George P. Bacon, Manager.


Patrick Francis Robertson, esq.

Frederick North, esq.


James Rock, jun. esq. Mayor.

Blakiston, Peyton, esq.

Hickes, Thomas, esq.

Scrivins, George, esq.

Brisco, Wastel, esq.

Jackson, George, esq.

Smith, Francis, esq.

Burton, Alfred, esq.

McCabe, P. F. esq.

Smith, Benjamin, esq.

Clift, Charles, esq.

North, Frederick, esq. M.P.

Staines, F. W. esq.

Frewen, Charles Hay, esq.

Ranking, Robert, esq.

Ticehurst, Frederic, esq.

Greenside, Jobn, esq.

Robertson, P. F. esq. M.P.


Coroner. George Growse, esq.

Clerk of Peace. G. H. Butler, Esq.

Registrar of County Court. W. B. Young, esq.

Town Clerk. George Growse, esq.

Clerk to Commissioners of Pavement. George Growse, esq.

Clerk to Justices. George Growse, esq.

Clerk to Hastings Gas Company. George Growse, esq.

Collector of Assessed Taxes, George Vidler.

Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages. Frederick Tuskipp.

Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages for Hastings Union. Anthony Harvey.

Collectors of Poor Rates. James Ives, John Whittington, Joseph Sampson, John Cambell.

Inspector of Weights and Measures. Thomas Foster.

Inspector of Nuisances. William Wiuter.

Relieving Officer. A. H. Bartram.

Collector for Local Board. William Phillips.

Surveyor to Town Council. John Laing.

Superintendent Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages. John Bayley.

Town Crier. James Cox. .

Superintendent of Police. William Glenister. Four sergeants; one acting sergeant; and twelve constables.


Assembly Rooms, Swan hotel. Mrs. Carswell, Proprietress.

Billiard Rooms, Beach cottage. Thomas Phillips, Proprietor.

Borough Gaol. Mr. J. Braiser, Governor.

Coast Guard Station, Marine parade. Lieut, Robert Parry, R.N. Commanding Officer.

County Court, Town hall. William Furner, esq. Judge; William B. Young, esq. Registrar; Mr. Boykett Breeds, High Bailiff.

East Sussex, Hastings, and St. Leonard’s Infirmary. Rev. Mr. Cross, Chaplain; Dr. Duke, Dr. Harwood, and Dr. Greenhill, Physicians; Edward Bowmer, Secretary; E. Ruffell, Dispenser.

Engine House, Town hall.

Gas and Coke Company—Office, High street. Alfred Hope Wood, Superintendent

Hastings Dispensary, 60 High street. Isaac Smith, House Surgeon; Frederic Ticehurst, ‘Treasurer and Secretary; Messrs. Penhall, Underwood, and Savery, Surgeons.

Hastings Homeopathic Dispensary, High street. Dr. Hall, Physician.

Hastings and East Sussex Permanent Building Society, 9 Wellington place. Edward Bowmer, Secretary.

Inland Revenue Office, Anchor hotel. Railway Station. Kennett, Station Master.

Literary and Scientific Institution, George street. John Banks, Secretary; Mrs. Thatcher, Manager; Henry Winter, Distributor; William Coleman, Hallkeeper.

Mechanics’ Institution, High street.

Pelham Baths, Pelham place.

Stamp Office, George street.

Town Hall, High street.

William Ransom, Librarian.


Hastings and St: Leonards News. Published on Friday; price, 3d. John Ransom, Proprietor.

Hastings and St. Leonards Express.Published every Saturday at Lewes. John Baxter and Son, Proprietors.

Hastings and St. Leonards Chronicle. Published every Wednesday; price, 1d. George Peter Bacon, Proprietor.

Hastings and St. Leonards Times. Published every Saturday; price, 1d. Benjamin Burkett Stuchbery, Proprietor.


All Saints’, Rev. H. S. Foyster, M.A. St. Clement’s. Rev. Thomas Nightingale. St. Mary in Castle. Rev. Mr. Vores.

St. Clement’s Chapel. No resident minister.

Baptist Chapel, Wellington square. Rev. J. C. Fishbourne.

Independent Chapel. Rev. J. Griffin.

Wesleyan Chapel. Rev. R. Rymer.

Ebenezer Chapel, East hill. Rev. D. Fenner.

Providence Chapel, Bourne road. Rev. Mr. Harding.




Aislabie, Miss Frances, 9 St. Margaret’s ter


Bacon, Mr. James, 3 Norman road east

Baldock, Mrs. Mary, 53 Eversfield place

Bartlett, Charles, esq. 4 Maze hill

Beecham, William Pain, jun. esq. 12 Warrior square

Benyon, Mrs. H. 72 Marina

Blakiston, Peyton, M.D., F.R.S. 5 Warrior square

Booth, Edward, esq, 81 Marina

Bradley, Rev. William Windham, M.A. 62 Eversfield place

Braham, Mrs. Ann, 80 Marina

Brown, Mrs. Ann, 6 West hill lodge

Brown, Mrs. William, 27 Grand parade

Buckland, Misses, 2 East ascent

Burton, Decimus, esq. Upper Maze hill

Burton, Miss Eliza, 5 West hill cottages


Cancellor, John Henry, esq. 11 Maze hill

Cathcart, Earl and Countess of, 31 Eversfield place

Cato, Mrs. 119 Marina

Clutterbuck, Miss Mary Ann, 25 Grand parade

Conway, William, esq. North lodge west, Maze hill

Cooper, Joseph Sidney, esq. Chatean de Brebant

Copestake, Sampson, esq. 8 Grand parade

Cotton, Miss, 64 Marina


Daltry, Rev. John William, 5 Maze hill

Dawkins, Clinton George, esq, 74 Marina

Delves, Miss Mary Bedingfeld, 29 Grand parade

De Mierre, Albert, M.D. 108 Marina

Doughty, Miss Elizabeth, 27 Grand parade

Duke, William, M.D. 22 Grand parade

Dyneley, Misses, Gensing lodge


Faulconer, Mrs. Mary Ann, 4 St. Margaret’s terrace

Fielder, Thomas Edward, esq. Rose mount


Gardiner, Roger Cooper, esq. 51 Marina

Gibbs, John, esq. Maze hill cottage

Gower, Mr. Walter, 8 Grand parade


Hale, Robert Douglas, M.D. 26 Grand parade

Harrison, Miss Charlotte, 120 Marina

Harwood, Mrs. Charlotte, West villa

Hasker, Rev. George, 61 Eversfield place

Hull, Capt. William, R.N. 60 Marina

Hume, Rev. William Wheeler, M.A. Parsonage house, St. Mary Magdalene

Hunt, Thomas, esq. 76 Marina, and 11 Manchester square, London


Jefferies, Mrs. 13 Under cliff

Johnson, Mrs. Sarah, Sussex house, Marina


Kempson, Miss, 100 Marina

Kilmorey, Countess of, 2 [[Upland Views|[[Upland Views|[[Upland Views|Upland views

King, Honourable Mrs. 4 [[Upland Views|[[Upland Views|[[Upland Views|Upland views


Lloyd, Horatio, Mr. 3 Archery villas


Mackay, Misses, 6 Uplands

Maggs, Mr, Samuel Blount, 12 Stanhope place

Mallett, Mr. Thomas, 5 Gensing terrace

Marchant, Miss Sarah, 15 Norman road, west

Marks, Alexander Hammett, esq. 5 Eversfield place

Mather, Miss Louisa, 65 Eversfield place

Melville, Mrs. Emily Jane, 9 Maze hill

Mills, Mrs. Laura B. 57 Marina

Montgomerie, F. M. esq. 15 Eversfield place

Moore, John, esq. Caterina villa

Moore, Mrs. Isabella, 4 Archery villas

Moreing, Charles, esq. Lodge

Mouseley, Misses, 110 Marina


Newton, Thomas, esq. 6 St. Margaret’s terrace


Oak, Rev. Charles Anthony, Thatched cottage, Quarry hill

Ogle, Major Arthur, 82 Marina


Paget, Col. P. 18 Eversfield place

Parrish, Sir Woodbine, Bart. K.C.H. Quarry house

Peart, Henry B. esq. 11 Warrior square

Pennell, Miss Jane, 12 Maze hill

Piper, Thomas, esq. 47 Eversfield place

Platt, John, esq. Upper Maze hill house

Pope, Mrs. Mary, 5 Gensing road


Quinton, Rev. Saint George, 20 Eversfield place


Ralston, Mrs. Eliza, 65 Marina

Ranger, William, 82 Osborne house, and 33, 34, 35 Eversfield place

Reade, Misses, 51 Eversfield place

Ruddach, Capt. Robert Steward, 3 Magdalene villas


Saint John, Dowager Lady, St. John house

Saint Quinton, Rev. George Darby, M.A. 58 Marina

Selmes, Henry, esq. 5 Upland views

Simmons, George, esq. 81 Marina

Smith, Daniel, esq. 69 Marina

Southall, Charles Heywood, Esq. 6 Maze hill

Staines, Francis William, esq. 3 Upland views

Stone, Miss S. 52 Eversfield place


Tolley, Misses, 41 Mariaa

Toulmin, Abraham, esq. 10 Under cliff

Tuono, Miss Augusta, 55 Marina

Twort, Miss Eliza, 60 Eversfield place


Urmston, Lady, 54 Marina


Valentine, Mrs. R. 5 Villa road

Vaughan, Rev. Johu James, 3 Maze hill


Wagner, George Henry Malcombe, esq. 77 Marina

Wagner, John Henry, esq. 78 Marina

Wall, Mrs, North villa

Webster, Lady, Warrior square

Wiggin Miss Charlotte, 65 Marina

Wilson, Robert, James, esq. 24 Grand parade

Woodford, Thomas, esq. 6 Eversfield place

Wood, Mrs, Elizabeth, 2 Magdalene road

Wrightson, Misses, 11 Grand parade



Adey, Charles Augustus, M.D. 1 East ascent

Allingham, Mrs. Margaret, lodging house, 112 Marina

Armstrong, Alfred, oil and colourman, 42 Norman road west

Arnold, Joseph, wine merchant, 3 London road, and Pelham arcade, Hastings

Ashdown, John Curteis, lodging house, 8 Melbourne place

Austin, John, builder and coal merchant, Norman road east

Avery, Thomas, chairman, Harold mews


Baldock and Ball, fishmongers and poulterers, 9 South colonnade

Baldock, Miss C. lodging house, 38 Eversfield place

Baldwin, Edwin, linendraper, 1 London road

Bargess, William, baker, 6 Shepherd street

Barnes, James, beer retailer, 9 Lavatoria sq

Bashford, William, coach builder, South st

Batstone, John, builder, Archery villas

Batstone, Mrs. Sarah, milliner and dressmaker, 8 Norman road east

Bayly, William Michael, chairman, Harold mews

Beaney, James, lodging house, 21 Marina

Beaney, Thomas, coach builder and engineer, 1 Melbourne place, Western road, near the Station

Beck, Henry, bread and biscuit baker, 9 London road

Beck, William, bread and biscuit baker, 6 East ascent

Beddoes, Henry, house agent, South lodge east

Beecham and Son, solicitors and notaries, 12 Warrior square, and Hawkhurst, Kent

Bell, Samuel, grocer, 44 North street

Bennett, Misses, preparatory school for young gentlemen, 8 St. Margaret’s terrace

Bennett, Miss Louisa, lodging house, 1 Magdalene road

Bennett, William, Marina inn

Bickle and Stoneman, general drapers and outfitters, 44 Norman road west, and 1 Norman road east

Bignell, Mrs. Sophia, laundress, 6 Market terrace, Grand parade

Bissenden, John, lapidary and dealer in marine objects, East arch

Blakiston, Peyton, F.R.S. physician, 5 Warrior square

Blunden, Miss Mary Martin, lodging house, 3 Warrior square

Blyde, Miss Eliza, lodging house, 49 Eversfield place

Boston, Joseph, lodging house, 8 Eversfield place

Boulter, Charles, broker and chimney sweeper, 1 Market terrace

Bovington, George, lodging houses, 16 and 17 Eversfield place

Bowstreet, Miss Mary Ann, milliner and dressmaker, 4 Gensing road

Bray, John, lodging house, 113 Marina

Brett, George, dairyman, 7 Mercatoria

Brett, Thomas Brandon, draper and stationer, 28 Norman road west

Bridgman, James Thompson, lodging house, 37 London road

Brissenden and Miller, mineral water works, 16 North street

Broadhurst, Mrs. milliner and dressmaker, Gensing road

Brooker, Stephen Dawes, boot maker, 18 Norman road west

Burgess, John, builder, 27 North street

Burgess, Miss Caroline, lodging house, 6 Warrior square

Burgess, Thomas, builder, 25 Norman road west

Burguiéres, Philippe Julien, professor of the French language, 2 Maze hill

Burt, James, tobacconist, 5 Norman rd. east

Burton, Gent, lodging house, 86 Eversfield place

Butler and Beagley, booksellers, stationers, and library reading rooms, 2 and 8 Eversfield place


Callaway, William, lodging house, 4 Warrior square

Carey and Avery, builders and cabinet makers, 8 and 10 Mercatoria

Carey, John, upholsterer, appraiser, and house agent, 8 East ascent, and Mercatoria

Chapman, Charles, jun. dairyman, 22 North st

Chapman, Charles, sen. dairyman, 23 North st

Chapman, William, green grocer, 41 London road

Cheal, Henry James, lodging house, 12 Grand parade

Cheal, James, schoolmaster of St. Mary Magdalene National school for boys, School house, Magdalene road

Chester, Miss C. lodging house, 109 Marina

Chester, Samuel, grocer, 11 and 12 Bast ascent

Chester, Thomas, bread and biscuit baker, 24 London road

Church, Mark Garvham, lodging houses, 12 and 14 Eversfield place

Clapson and Brother, chimney sweepers, 9 Norman road west

Clark, Mrs. Mary, milliner and dressmaker, 1 Western road

Clitheroe, James, lodging house, 3 East ascent

Cogen, Richard, greengrocer and fruiterer, 66 Norman road east

Coleman, Henry, lodging house, 48 Eversfield place

Coleman, Richard, grocer and house agent, 15 Grand parade

Cooper, Mrs. lodging house, 2 Warrior sq

Cope, Charles, bookseller and stationer, 4 Norman road east

Cork, Theophilus, boot and shoe maker, Shepherd street

Cozens, James, ironmonger, 2 Mercatoria

Cramps, Mrs. Elizabeth, laundress, 14 London road

Cramp, W. greengrocer, 83 Norman rd. west

Crittenden, Mrs, Hannah, shopkeeper, Union street

Cull, Robert, beer retailer, 33 North street

Curtis, John, auctioneer, appraiser, and undertaker, 5 St. Clement’s place

Cuthbert, George, glass and china warehouse; man, 38 Norman road west

Cuthbert, John, shoeing smith, Harold mews


Davis, John, grocer and butterman, South colonnade

Davis, John Oliver, pharmaceutical chemist and surgeon dentist, 1 Eversfield place

Davis, Richard, farmer, grocer, tea dealer, and foreign fruiterer, 22 London road

Daws, Edward Vinall, lodging house, 7 Eversfield place

Day, William, fruiterer and seedsman, 10 East ascent

Dearing, Louie, butcher, 9 Gensing road

Dearing, Mrs. Anne, laundress, 31 London road

Deudney, Mrs. Charles, lodging houses, 104, 105 Marina

Deudney, Robert, land and estate agent and farmer, Gensing farm

Dickinson, Mrs. Mary, lodging honse, 117 Marina

Draper, William, miller, Tivoli mill

Drury, Mrs. Ann, lodging house, 59 Eversfield place

Duke, David, eating house, 17 London road

Duke, William, physician, 22 Grand parade

Dunk, Samuel Charles, greengrocer, 23 London road


Edgar, Misses, establishment for young ladies, 53 Marina

Edmonds, Thomas, upholsterer, 2 Western road, Warrior square

Edwards, Miss Elizabeth, day school, 45 Norman road west

Edwards, William Carey, lodging house, 84 London road

Eldridge, John, grocer and baker, 20 and 21 Norman road west

Eldridge, William, dairyman, 6 London road

Eldridge, William Mantell, brewer, Crown brewery, Shepherd street

Ellis, David, beer retailer, Mews road

Elphick, Mrs. Elizabeth, baker and confectioner, 43 Norman road west

Emary, James, job and posting master and saddle-horse proprietor, and at Hastings

Ernsting, Frederick Augustns, tailor and Post office receiving house, 3 London road


Faller, Mrs. Ruth, lodging house, 4 East ascent

Farncombe, C, and E. brickmakers, Filsham farm

Farroll, James, lodging house, 114 Marina

Farroll, Miss Margaret, lodging house, 111 Marina

Filmer, Mrs. Elizabeth, shopkeeper, Shepherd street

Fisher, Miss Catherine, lodging house, 54 Eversfield place

Fisher, Mrs. C. lodging house, 106 Marina

Foord, Charles, beer retailer, Norman road west

Foord, Mrs. Jane, laundress, 13 North street

Foord, William, fishmonger, 11 Shepherd st

Frederick, Urich, lodging house, 11 Eversfield place

French, Henry, lodging house, and bathing machive proprietor, 22 and 23 East ascent

Friend, Mrs. Eliza, laundress, 21 London rd

Fuggle, Charles, boot and shoe maker, 1 Market terrace, Grand parade


Gale, Miss Mary, establishment for young ladies, 8 Maze hill

Gansden, Mrs. Mary Ann, lodging house, 43 Eversfield place

Gardiner, Roger Cooper, surgeon, 51 Marina

Gardiner, Thomas, tobacconist, 80 Norman road west,

Gausden, Richard, house and estate agent, 48 Marina

Giles, W. lodging house, 1 Castle hill

Gillingham, Edward, lodgiag house, 82 London road

Glazier, Miss Eliza, lodging honse, 67 Eversfield place

Goldsmith, George, greengrocer, 17 Norman road west

Gooding, William, lodging house, 33 Eversfield place

Graham, Charles, umbrella and parasol maker and repairer, 1 Crystal square

Gray, Miss Elizabeth Jane, lodging house, 63 Eversfield place

Green, Alfred, upholsterer, 5 Market terrace, Grand parade

Grosslob, Emil, proprietor of St. Leonards Spa

Grove, Mrs. Mary, lodging house, 1 Grand parade

Guglielmo, Signor P. D professor of singing to the Royal Academy of Music, Cambridge house

Gurr, William, beer retailer, 26 London road


Hale, Robert Donglas, M.D. physician, 26 Grand parade

Hall, Charles, plumber, glazier, and painter, 19 East ascent

Harman, William, lodging house, 21 Eversfield place

Harmer, Telden, lodging house, 3 St. Margaret’s terrace,

Harris, James, pork butcher, 23 London rd

Hatchett, Edward Henry, lodging house, 45 Eversfield place

Hatchman, William, lodging house, 68 Marina

Hayden, Henry Roome, professor of music, 19 East ascent

Hayes, Mrs. Frances, milliner and dressmaker, 19 North street

Hayler, W. lodging house, 27 Grand parade

Hayward, R. lodging house, 19 Grand parade

Hebden, William, lodging house, 17 Grand parade

Hebert, Mrs. William, lodging house, 5 Melbourne place

Hempsted, Robert, dispensing and family chymist, 14 Grand parade

Henley, Mrs. Thomas S. lodging house, 4 West ascent

Hill, Mrs. Elizabeth, lodging house, 11 Magdalene road

Hirst, David, grocer, 21 North street

Hoad, Frederick, riding and job master, Saxon mews

Holder, Henry, dyer, 25 East ascent

Holland, Alfred, Norman hotel, Norman rd

Hollands, Mrs. Mary, lodging house, 26 Everstield place

Hollebone, Charles, tailor, habit maker, and hatter, 214 Marina

Holloway, Thomas, lodging house, 101 Marina

Hopkia, Samuel, grocer, 26 North street

How, Charles Thomas, coal, ale, and porter merchant, 44 Marina

Howell, John, timber merchant and builder, 40 Eversfield place

Hughes and Hunter, builders, 1, 4, 5 East ascent, and Norman road east

Hughes, John, boot and shoe maker, 43 North street

Hughes, Mrs. H. milliner and dressmaker, 5 Mercatoria

Hutchings and Henry, tailors and habit makers, 87 Norman road west

Hutchings, Mrs. Ann, Albert inn

Hutchinson, Miss Priscilla, lodging house, 87 Eversfield place

Hutchison, John, lodging house, 10 Eversfield place

Hyder, Mrs. Harriet, fruiterer and greengrocer, 46 Norman road west


Jarrett, Mrs. Sarah, repairer of men’s clothes, 1 Market terrace

Jarvis, Mrs. Frances, lodging house, 2 Grand parade

Jervis, Miss Eliza, Berlin wool and fancy repository, 37 Marina

Jervis, Robert Heynes, hairdresser, 37 Marina

Job, Joseph Hadden, watch and clock maker, 8 South colonnade

Johnson, George, dispensing chemist, 14 South colonnade

Johnson, Mrs. Sarah, lodging house, Sussex house

Jones, William, lodging house, 6 Melbourne pl

Jordan, Mrs. Thomas, pork butcher ond fruiterer, 1 Market street, Grand parade

Jordan, Thomas, saddler and harness maker, 1 Market street, Grand parade

Jordan, William, shopkeeper, 16 Norman road east

Jympson, Arthur, lodging house, 9 Mercatoria


Keeley, Mrs. Ann, lodging house, 7 Melbourn place

Kempson, Miss Eliza, instructress, 100 Marina

Kennard, John D. cabinet maker and upholsterer, 27 Norman road

Kent, Robert, hairdresser and naturalist, 13 London road

Kenwood, John, builder, 28 London road, and ‘Western road

Knight, James, lodging house, 35 London rd


Lamb, Henry, the Warriors’ Gate inn

Lamb, Richard, wheelwright, St. Leonards green

Lea, Mrs. Rebecca, lodging house, 70 Marina

Lecieux, Rene, lodging house, 21 Grand par

Lee, Charles, chimney sweeper, 10 Gensing rd

Leigh, Randle, keeper of the Archery grounds, Archery lodge

Lester, John William, lodging house, 28 Eversfield place

Levelt, Charles Valentine, collector of income and property tax, 21 North street

Lindridge, George, lodging house, 66 Eversfield place

Linton, George, beer retailer, North street

Lock, Charles, lodging house, 4 Magdalene road

Lock, Mrs. Sarah Ann, lodging house, 1 St. Margaret’s terrace

Lulham, Henry, lodging house, 42 Eversfield place


Maggs, S. B. chemist and druggist, 36 Mariva, and 12 Stanhope place

Makey and Fermer, lodging house, 41 Eversfield place

Malins, George, hairdresser, 2 Market street, Grand parade

Manley, Mrs. Emma, dress and mantle maker, 29 Norman road west

Mann, James, Commercial hotel, St. Clement’s place

Mann, James, general furnishing ironmonger, 7 East ascent

Marchant, Jesse, blacksmith. St. Leonards green

Marchant, John, lodging house, 9 Warrior sq

Marks, Alexander Hammett, M.D., F.R.C.S.I. surgeon, 5, Eversfield place

Marsh, Elijah, grocer, 11 Mercatoria

May, games, boot and shoemaker, 6 London road

Miller, Benjamin, lodging house, 1 Magdalene villas

Miller, Henry, boot and shoe maker, 8 Shepherd street

Mitchell, William, carter, 83 London road

Mitten, Mrs, Mary, lodging house, 7 Maze hill

Moon, James, baker and grocer, 116 Marina

Moon, James, lodging house, 56 Eversfield place

Moore, Miss Harriet, lodging house, 60 Eversfield place

Moppett, James, tailor and habit maker, 4 Eversfield place

Mose, Edwin, painter, glazier, and house agent, 20 London road

Mulhearn, Mrs. Jane, lodging house, 2 St. Margaret’s terrace


Neve, Charles, plumber, 9 Under cliff

Neve, William, corn dealer, 15 London ruad

Nicholas, James, builder, 18 Shepherd street

Niven, Mrs. A. lodging house, 107 Marina

Nokes, Stanton, Fountain inn


Oak, Rev. Charles, boarding school, Thatched cottage

Offen, Mrs, Sarah, ironmonger and glass warehouse, 3 Norman road west

Overy, Alfred, linen and woollen draper, 21a Mariva


Page, Janes, cabinet maker and undertaker, 134 Norman road west

Pain, Charles, veterinary surgeon and grocer, 24 Norman road west

Pain, Richard, saddler and harness maker, 4 London road

Painter, John, lodging house, 102 Marina

Palmer, William, Nag’s Head inn, Gensing rd

Parks, Albert, lodging house, 14 Under cliff

Parks, Henry, butcher, 4, South colonnade

Parks, Mrs. Anne, lodging house, 39 Marina

Parks, Newton, butcher and farmer, 10 and 11 South colonnade

Parks, Newton, lodging house, 16 Under cliff

Patland and Son, timber merchants, London rd

Paul, Mrs. Jane, lodging house, 57 Eversfield place

Payne, William, coach builder, wheelwright, and shoeing smith, Bopeep

Payne, William, Terminus hotel, Bopeep

Peacham, John, lodging house, 64 Eversfield place

Peerless, John, glass and china warehouse, 42 Marina

Pennington, Miss Henrietta, establishment for young ladies, Archery villas

Phillips, Misses, lodging house, 17 Marina

Phillips, Thomas, lodging house, 5 St. Margaret’s terrace

Philpot, John, boot and shoe maker, 88 Marina

Philpot, Mrs. Mary, draper and milliner, 38 Marina

Pickerden, George, lodging house, 25 Eversfield place

Pierce, Mrs. E. A. lodging house, 15 Under cliff

Popplewell, Mrs. W. establishment for young ladies, Havelock house, 8 Belgravia, Warrior square

Porter and Bowerman, linen drapers, 26 Norman road

Porter, James, Old England tavern, London road

Potten, George, Horse and Groom inn, Mercatoria

Price, Thomas, fishmonger and poulterer, 7 South colonnade

Putland, Henry R. ironmonger, 41 Norman road west

Putland, Stephen, coal and timber merchant, London road.

Putland, Stephen, jun. lodging house, 24 Eversfield place


Ranger, James, shoeing and jobbing smith, and beer retailer, South street

Rising, Mrs. Louisa, professor of music and singing, South lodge west

Ranger, Thomas, grocer, 4 Mercatoria

Randale, Miss Agnes Spearing, lodging house, 29 and 49 Marina

Ransom, John, pork butcher, 4 St. Clement’s place

Raven, John Henry, lodging house, 13 Magdalene road

Roberts, Henry, cabinet maker and upholsterer 43 Marina, and 10 Stanhope place

Roberts, George, confectioner,43 Marina

Russell, Harry, lodging house, 30 London rd


Sadler, Edwin L. boot and shoe maker, 25 Norman road west

Scott, Mrs. and Miss, lodging house, 22 Eversfield place

Sheather, Henry, Bull inn, Bulverhytho

Sinden, Samuel, baker, 21 Shepherd street, Gensing road

Skinner, Edward, bookseller and stationer, 9 East ascent,

Skinner, Thomas, livery and stable keeper, and riding master, Harold mews

Slaughter, Peter, tailor, 2 Market terrace, Grand parade

Smith, James, railway contractor, 7 and 8 Stanhope place

Smith, Edward, butcher, 15 Norman rd. west

Smith, Miss E. stationer, straw bonnet maker, &c. 18 South colonnade

Smith, James, cabinet maker, Norman road west

Smith, Mrs. E. dairy proprietor, near the Albert shades

Smith, John, builder, 18 South colonnade

Squire, Mrs. Ann, lodging house, 7 Saint Margaret’s terrace

Starkey, John, Royal Victoria hotel and posting house, Marina

Stapley, Charles, blacksmith, and veterinary forge, Harold mews

Starnes, Richard, gardener and greengrocer, 2 Norman road west

Stone, George, heer retailer, 9 North street

Southall, Charles Heywood, postmaster, parade, and 6 Maze hill

Sharpe, Eli, baker, Alfred street

Shaw, William, lodging house, 24 East ascent

Sellman, Aarov, watch and clock maker, 39 Norman road west

Sargent, John, greengrocer and fruiterer, 18 London road

Stradwick, William, lodging house, 104 Marina

Stubberfield, Stephen, grocer and tea dealer, 11 London road


Tapp and Co. coopers, Shepherd street

Taylor, Alexander, Coach and Horses inn, Mews road

Taylor, James, lodging house, 19 Norman road west

Terry, Charles, builder, 8 Gensing road

Tester, Richard, poulterer, 5 London road

Thomson, Brothers, printers, stationers, and music sellers, 86 Norman road west

Thorpe, John, lodging house, 20 Grand parade

Ticehurst, Stephen, baker, 8 Gensing road

Tindall, Thomas, lodging house, 66 Marina

Tomlin, Mrs, Elizabeth, lodging house, 10 Warrior square

Towner, William, bricklayer, 7 North street

Townsend, Mrs, E. lodging house, 12 Magdalene road

Tree, David, lodging house, 18 Grand parade

Tree, Frederick, coal merchant, 16 Norman road west

Trotter, Mrs. Ellen, straw bonnet maker, 2 Gensing road

Tumanowicz, Cornelius Joseph, professor of the German language, drawing, and naturalist, 14 Norman road west

Turner, Stephen, grocer, baker, &c. Fountain place

Turner, Mrs. Elizabeth, lodging house, 24 Grand parade


Vaughan, William, Saxon hotel and posting house, Grand parade

Veness, Mrs. Ann, laundress, 12 North street

Verall, William, lodging house, 29 Eversfield place

Verrall, William, boot and shoe maker, 25 North street

Verhooft, Hendrick Cornelius, Derby Arms inn, Alfred street

Vidow, Thomas, Anchor inn, East ascent

Vilder, Richard, confectioner, 5 South colonnade

Viner, Mrs. Mary Ann, lodging house, 4 Grand parade

Vine, Charles Baker, 2 Mercatoria

Voysey, George, auctioneer, and architect, 7 Norman road east


Walter, Mrs. W. lodging house, 11 Under cliff .

Walker, Mrs. Sarah, gardener and _ florist, Gensing nursery

Walker, Richard, grocer and beer retailer, South street

Walter, Mrs. Ann, fruiterer, 6 South colonnade

Walls, John, lodging house, 18 East ascent

Waple, Mrs. lodging house, 16 Grand parade

Ward, John, assistant overseer, 2 Under cliff

Warne, Mrs. Ann, stay and corset maker, 39 London road

Wellsted, Mrs. Anne, dressmaker, 25 Hast ascent .

Wellsted and Chandler, plumbers, painters, and glaziers, 3 South colonnade

White, Randall, lodging house, 75 Marina

Wilson, Mrs. Elizabeth, private boarding house, 23 Eversfield place

Wall, John, boot and shoe maker, 32 Norman Toad west

White, Philip, lodging house, 9 Eversfeld place

Whilmshurst, Edmund, beer retailer, Shepherd street

White, James, butcher, 5, Norman rd. west

Whitfield, James, lodging house, 105 Marina

Willard, Stephen, ironmonger, 1 Mercatoria

Williams, Mrs. Mary Ann, Clock house, Maze hill

Wilson, Robert James, surgeon, 24 Grand parade

Winter and Lamb, carpenters, joiners, and cabinet makers, 2 Norman road east

Winter, Mrs. Bannister, lodging house, 28 Grand parade

Winter, Miss A. V. lodging house, 44 Eversfield place

Wise, Miss Anne F. establishment for young ladies, 12 London road

Wise, Thomas, station master, St. Leonardson-Sea

Wise, John, commercial school, 12 London road

Woodgate, Miss Elizabeth, lodging house, 19 Marina

Woodgate, Miss M. lodging house, 12 Under cliff

Wrenn, Alfred, boot and shoe maker, 7 Gensing road

Wrench, Charles, lodging house, 10 Grand parade

Woodgate, Samuel, builder and house agent, 16 and 18 Marina

Wood, Mrs. J, North lodge east, Maze hill


Yarroll, William, tailor, 8 Norman rd. west

Yarroll, Joseph, collector of assessed taxes, and lodging house, 21 East ascent


Charles Heywood Southall, Postmaster. Money Orders are granted and paid. Letters arrive from London at 5 a.m. and 1 p.m. Dover and East Coast at 11.10 a.m. To Dover and East Coast, 3.45 p.m. Despatched to London at 9.30 a.m, and 10 p.m.


Branch of London and County Bank. Charles Heywood Southall, Agent.

Assembly Rooms. Henry Beddoes, Agent.

Billiard Rooms. Thomas Phillips, Proprietor.

Coast Guard Station. Lieutenant Harry Gill, Commanding Officer.

Royal Victoria Library and Reading Rooms. Charles H. Southall, Marine Parade.

Eversfield Library and Reading Rooms. Butler and Beagley, 2, Eversfield place.

London Brighton and South Coast Railway Station, Mr. W. T. Wise, Station master.

South Eastern Railway Station.

Royal Baths, Marine parade. Edward Burns, Manager.


St. Leonard’s Church. Rev. Wilson March, M.A.

St. Mary Magdalene. Rev. W. W. Hume, M.A.

Wesleyan Chapel. Various.

Roman Catholic. Rev. John Bush, Priest.

References & Notes