Beach Cottages

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Beach Cottages

Later known as 'Beach Terrace' this was situated in front of Pelham Crescent. The properties were mainly constructed before 1818, largely before the construction of the ​building​s set into the cliff behind, on what had been formerly effectively stonebeach wasteland, and suffered greatly whenever there was a particularly high tide.

The land upon which they stood had been claimed by the Corporation as being Stonebeach, and demolition of the cottages was proposed by the Commissioners during 1830 in order the parade could be widened at this point. An additional consideration was that the cottages obstructed the views of the mansions in Pelham Crescent which were designed from the outset largely to accommodate visitors to the town, set into the cliffs behind, leading to a number of complaints from the, often wealthy owners of the Pelham Crescent ​building​s[1].

By 1860, the western end had fallen into disrepair and was reportedly a 'rendezvous for disreputable people'[2], although some of the properties were undoubtedly incorporated into the later terrace.


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