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Beach Terrace
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Former name(s)Beach Cottages

Formerly known as Beach Cottages, Beach Terrace was located in front of Pelham Crescent, roughly under the Pelham car park now.

Although the terrace predates the properties in Pelham Crescent by two years, some of the properties undoubtedly having been constructed circa 1818, there were a number of complaints from the generally well-to-do owners of property in Pelham Crescent about the loss of their sea view[1].

Due to the proximity of the terrace to the sea, the properties, including a Methodist chapel, were regularly inundated and windows smashed by pebbles in spite of repeated works to extend the parade, rebuild groynes and the sea wall etc.

A notable feature of the terrace that led to it becoming somewhat a local landmark was the prominent 'Oxo' advertisement carried on the gable end of the west-most ​building​, the feature appearing around 1905 and remaining until the terrace was demolished.

The terrace was demolished during the 1930s as part of a ​road​ widening scheme.


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