Robertson Terrace

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Robertson Terrace faces the sea between Carlisle Parade and Harold Place with Queens Apartments (formerly the Queens Hotel) at its eastern end and was built in the 1850’s to early 1860’s on the seaward side of the area known as the America Ground.Expansion depth limit exceeded

By 1852 the iconic Lion and Unicorn statues were in place joined by a wall that was topped with an ornate cast iron railing that was 90 years later removed as scrap iron for the war effort.

It is said the Lion and Unicorn were originally destined for Buckingham Palace - which was being re-modelled in 1847 – 1850 but were surplus to requirements and acquired by the developer Patrick Robertson.

After the raising of the Lion and Unicorn, the Queens Hotel and Robertson Terrace had followed by 1862, although it would appear that the construction was not without difficulty; the building firm of George and James Winter going into bankruptcy in 1854 and the properties they had constructed - numbers 8 to 12 being sold at auction in a state of near-completionExpansion depth limit exceeded. Expansion depth limit exceeded {{Expansion depth limit exceeded}} {{Expansion depth limit exceeded}}