Eagle Beer House

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Located at 9 Bourne Street[1], the pub was, in 1905, a known haunt of prostitutes and generally criminal classes. The premises were one of the twenty-four closed as being surplus to requirement in that year due to an application of the 1904 Licensing Act[2][3]. Due to the clearances associated with the construction of the roadway through the Old Town, the premises, together with the street itself are now no more.


  • 1858:Ellen Amoore[4]
  • 1878:Philip White - Beer Retailer[5]
  • 1881:Joseph White - Beerseller & Fisherman[6]
  • 1890:Mrs Mary Jane White - Beer Retailer[5]
  • 1899:Wm T White - Beer Retailer[5]
  • 1901-1905:Annie L Yielding - Beer House Keeper[7][5]

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