Bourne Walk

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Bourne Walk


The following text describing Bourne Walk is taken verbatim from an article which appeared in the Hastings & St. Leonards Observer of the 6th December 1936 (pg 6) which discussed the proposed new ​road​ through the :

The Bourne Walk, starting from Bourne street, pursues a winding path up the valley and affords one of the principal means access to the housing. The latter is situated for the most part at right angles to this footway, the further pathways through the courts formed by the houses, giving additional access to High-street and All Saints-street — the whole area is very dense and with no pretence at any formal plan, but it contains some very interesting examples of smaller domestic architecture, that it is proposed to preserve if possible. The authors would like add that they have inspected practically every house existing in this district, but for obvious reasons will give their views this matter in collected a form as possible. Between Courthouse-street and Bourne-passage lies an area that is not very interesting, consisting on the one side of Messrs. Breeds' Brewery and the cottages belonging to them (in moderate condition, but of unattractive appearance, mid 19th century), and on the other side for the most part a condemned and partly cleared area. Very nearly the same conditions prevail up to Waterloo place, but here there in some very interesting architecture. These houses with their very fine tile hung fronts and curious almost Mansard forms (and yet with two ridges), are certainly amongst the finest in Hastings, and should give a certain flavour of form to any re homing work necessitated.

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