Havelock Road

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Havelock Road


Havelock Road was built on the spoil excavated during construction of the railway tunnels either side of Hastings Railway Station. Prior to its construction, the lower portion of the road had a waterwheel, water tank and donkey stand, these being associated with the nearby Priory Farm, adjacent to the Priory Stream[1]. During the late 1800s, it became the finance and commerce centre of the town with both estate agents and financial service companies occupying premises along the road, almost to the current day.



Name Street No From To
Bank Buildings
Bodega Bar 25 1884
Ferrari Bros Restaurant 28 1920 1960
Havelock Road Sorting Office
Huffeys Newsagent 1a 1923 1980
Lingold House 45
Queensbury House 1 1965
R.T. Glenister 17 1954 1954
Railway Hotel 1 1871 1962
Woodhams, Son and Parks 51 1901 1916

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