Hastings Library Photograph Index

From Historical Hastings

The Hastings Reference Library in their local studies area on the top floor of the Brassey Institute have a number of photographs organised in sleeves held in boxes.

Area General Area Specific features
Area 0 Aerial Not yet catalogued
Area 1 (general)
East Street
Exmouth Place to Hill Street
Old London Road to Woods Passage
Not yet catalogued
Area 2 Hastings Pier Not yet catalogued
Area 3 (general) to West Marina Gardens Not yet catalogued
Area 4 (general) to South Saxons Playing Fields Not yet catalogued
Area 5 Brittany Road to Upper Maze Hill Not yet catalogued
Area 6 Alexandra Road to Western Road Not yet catalogued
Area 7 (general) to White Rock Gardens Not yet catalogued
Area 8 Queen's Road to York Gardens
Brassey Institute
(general) to Queens Arcade
Not yet catalogued
Area 9 (general) to West Hill Not yet catalogued
Area 10 Not yet catalogued
Area 11 Not yet catalogued
Area 12 Not yet catalogued
Area 13 Not yet catalogued
Area 14 Not yet catalogued
Area 15 Not yet catalogued
Area 16 Not yet catalogued
Area 17 Battle Road Not yet catalogued
Blackman Avenue Jan 1984 view of road looking from Battle Road junction
General Views aerial photo also showing Ponswood Industrial Estate and Hollington beyond 1969
Theaklen Drive Entrance from Sedlescombe Road South showing old farm buildings alongside new factory units.
Various G. E. Gregory publicity photos Kloster Brands
1980s Aerial photographs
March 1962 photograph Kloster Brands
Sedlescombe Road North Presbyterian Church from Duke Road
Shops in Sedlescombe Road North
Ashdown House
Motor Rally
Mrs. Potters Boarding House
Stonehouse Drive Not yet catalogued
Wishing Tree Road Not yet catalogued
Area 18 Beauport Park Old Cottages
The monument (1900)
Beauport Lodge
Clearance work for golf course and pavilion 1972
Castleham Farm Views of Castleham House inc 1912 images
Demolition of Castleham House Jan 1977 (n.b. Image has severe red-cast)
Wide view including Castleham House showing farmland to be developed in direction of Battle c1977
Castleham Industrial Estate Stirling Road
Steelworks being erected
Misc factories in varying states of completion (unlabelled)
Start of works featuring Cllrs Ted Ive & Neil Boston Clark, with Bert West (Borough Planner) dated Aug 1972
Castleham Barn (three images)
F. J. Parsons (Westminster Press Ltd) new premises
Church in the Wood Burnt out car 1990
Fire engine at Church in the Wood School 1990
Shoesmith and Etheridge photograph of Church in the Wood
Church in the Wood photographs from Stone Collection at Birmingham Library
New footpath and bridge over roadway
Church in the Wood Lane Not yet catalogued
Crowhurst Dam Construction photographs dating to 1972
Dam in 1974
Councilllors opening dam
Culverting work
8 Miles of sewage pipe being laid
Helicopter overflying site
Site post clearance, but pre-construction
Crowhurst Road Not yet catalogued
Queensway Construction of Battle Road flyover
Construction of road towards The Ridge
Telford Road One photograph of Observer news team standing on top of entrance to their offices.
Area 19 Baldslow Reservoir 1969 image of dignitaries standing in underground reservoir
Harrow Bridge 1900 view of Mill and bridge
Winter 1947 - Harrow Lane
Demolition with Ball & Chain Feb 1971
Demolition continues while traffic still runs underneath
Image of newly constructed bridge
Bus passing under bridge 1971
Construction photographs of new bridge
Detail of concrete columns to support span
View of junction from Sedlescombe Road North
View of original junction
View of original bridge in snow just prior to demolition
Various people shots
The Ridge Hydnye House demolition
Holmhurst St Mary interior photos
St Peters Church (Tin Tabernacle)
Inglenook Fireplace Little Ridge Farm Jul 1942
Area 20 Amherst Road Pupils at opening of St. Pauls School 29 Jun 1962
Bohemia Road Various photographs of business premises etc along road.
Architectural survey images of No 79 undertaken in 1998
Broderick 'Aurora' series postcard
View across from Bohemia towards Markwick Terrace 1862
New Ambulance Station building
Clarence Road Photographic calling card for North Star
Lower South Road Scott James Glass 1984
J. H. Wetherseed, repository warehouse 1914
Newgate Road Handover of new ambulance for British Red Cross
Priory Close Adams and Jarrett card-mounted image of No 20
St Peters Church 1934 interior view
St Peter's Road What appears to be a Broderick image of the road uncropped
Salisbury Road Collapse and demolition of former shop (one photo) 1990
Summerfields Various int/ext views
House under demolition
Construction of Law Courts
View from Ambulance Station to Bohemia House
Tower Road Misc. views of both Tower Road and Tower Road West
Demolition of Tower Road School 1987

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