North Star

From Historical Hastings

Constructed by Joseph Wisden circa 1870, the North Star is located in Clarence Road. Wisden had previously been a railway guard and had resigned his position in anticipation of establishing a public house in the area[1]. Joseph passed away on the 3rd of January 1889, aged 58 years old[2], and it would appear the license was transferred to Mr. C. Avis.

In 1902, the licensee was charged with serving a six-year old child, Ernest Bowles, intoxicating liquor in an improperly sealed vessel and Oscar Bowles charged with sending Ernest to purchase the alcohol. This was in contravention to an act that had recently taken effect in January of that year - the 1902 Licensing Act. Both Oscar Bowles and Alfred Henbrey pleaded guilty to the charge. Henbrey stated that he had not personally served the child; an adult in the bar having placed the vessel on the bar and a bar-maid filling it. Previously the child had been given a jug of alcohol to take home and Henbrey thought that by the child having a bottle this complied with the law. The chairman of the court expressed leniency to both defendants - this being the first time a case had been brought under the new law. Both were fined 2s. 6d., but the chairman said any further such cases were likely to be dealt with severely[3].


  • 1870-1889: Joseph Wisden
  • 1889- : C. Avis
  • 1892-1902: Alfred Charles Henbrey

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