Horse Trough

From Historical Hastings

Hastings used to have a large number of horse troughs providing fresh water for horses dotted around the town, normally on main thoroughfares. A number were removed in 1954 from the following locations: Silverhill, Battle Road, Braybrooke Road - this one was given in memory of T. G. Ross by his widow in 1898, Park Gates, Grosvenor Gardens, Warrior Square, the Fishmarket, Priory Road and at the top of the High Street at "The Wilderness" - this one having been erected in memory of William Staines - a magistrate by his daughter in 1878[1].

Now only three remain; one on Battle Road nearly opposite Beauharrow Road - this having been placed in 1898 by Margaret Rowe-Lewis, the other on the junction between Elphinstone Road and The Ridge alongside Osborne House. The trough at Gillsmans Hill - erected in 1873 - is still extant, although more of an ornamented fountain[1].


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