Elphinstone Road

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Elphinstone Road
Other Names
Former name(s)Ore Lane
Named AfterSir Howard Elphinstone (1773-1846)
JunctionsBaldslow Road,Mount Pleasant Road,Hughenden Road,Laton Road,Beaconsfield Road


Elphinstone Road was originally named Ore Lane and the name recalls Sir Howard Elphinstone (1773-1846) who owned Ore Place and Ridge Farm.

Numbers 50 to 60, known as Franklin Terrace, possibly extending down to the Langham Hotel certainly existed circa 1880[1].

Numbers 69, 70 and 71, although possibly part of the original numbering plan for the road, do not exist and comprise the entrance to Beaconsfield Road.

Prior to 1869, the road was not much more than a track above what is now the junction with Mount Pleasant Road when proposals were made to improve the route. This resulted in a number of court cases arising due to land-owners, in particular Charles Hay Frewen whose land abutted the most dangerous area of the lane - that abutting the Ponbay Bridge - the case reaching the House of Lords after a series of appeals by him[2], who held the adjoining lands refusing to sell portions of their land.[3].


Features on this wiki[edit]

Name Street No From To

Franklin Terrace 50-60 1880
Langham Hotel 16 1878 2010
Lyndhurst 1
Pilot Field 1560

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