Dawn & Dorset

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Dawn & Dorset
General information
Address193 Elphinstone Road, Queen's Road

During 1895 Payne and Company took over the Cambridge Laundry (most likely named after the adjacent ​road​), situated at 8 Dorset Place which had prior to this been run by Mrs. Boulter. They renamed it the Dorset Laundry - again probably after the ​road​ name, subsequently moving to larger premises in Portland Place[1].

The business moved to a custom built premises located at the junction of Hoadswood Road and Elphinstone Road in June of 1921. This ​building​ was in the art-deco style and featured extensive use of concrete in its construction. A 'shopfront' premises at 193 Queen's Road was known to have existed during the 1950s. In 1973 the Dorset Laundry amalgamated with the Hollington Laundry and Dawn Cleaners, to become the Dawn and Dorset Laundry.


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