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Images from Hastings in the Front Line. Some near dupes from storm drain left out. Gasometer Construction

How to get all text example


Semantic properties

See Rosslyn for semantic property use within template. Breeds Place also applies some of these techniques

Carousel Results

See [[Template:TestCarousel]] More suited to images however



Genealogy templates are from

Search by coordinates

In addition to just filtering on the coordinates, it is possible to incorporate further filtering options on the #ask line as per the Date<1850 parameter. Theoretically, it should be possible to filter by any semantic variables set within the pages.
The following can be incorporated into a template from where the relevant calls should be addressed. If however the absolute page title be known, it can be retrieved from the API as suggested above.


Property:AddressDetail‎ seems to do the trick. To view/retrieve for a given street (page), use the template {{features}} which will give the following result:

Features in Main Page

Name Street No From To

Editing People

When editing people, there is a series of special templates derived from [ FamilyPedia] which assists in creating the relationships between people e.g. marriage/offspring.

The main template is that of {{Showfacts person}} and there is a fairly comprehensive 'how to' in its documentation Template:Showfacts person.

A fairly comprehensive example of its usage with multiple marriages can be found on the Vandeleur Benjamin Crake (1816-1894) page.


See for example of form working correctly.


Loading map...

Another access point is via <mapframe height=600 width=600></mapframe>, although parameters need to be identified. The Kartographer extension uses MediaWiki:Kartographer.js to define parameters.

Retrieving data from a datatable

The extension page gives the following format for the WHERE clause: where="BNA_ID='1234'"

To retrieve a single value therefore we can use the following {{#dt2-get: table | column | where | default }}

  • The logical table defined with the {{tag|datatable2|open}} tag where the data should be taken from.
  • The column name defined with the {{tag|datatable2|open}} tag. The column field may be left blank, in which case data is cached for later usage with the [[#dt2-lastget|dt2-lastget]] parser function, but nothing is displayed.
  • The where clause that should select at most one record. If more then one record is found, an error message is displayed.
  • Optionally the default text to return if no data are found. It is expanded only if needed, so using a complex template here does not lead to performance issues if used for unexpected errors only.

{{#dt2-get: BNA_Periodicals|Title|BNA_ID='0001578'}} should give us the Illustrated London News

Image Hashing

A hashing 'bot' runs a similarity hash on all files. The property in which this is stored is ImageHash, which contains the hexadecimal has as per PHP ImageHash. Ultimately a plugin/search facility will be implemented to identify similar/identical images.


[[Has coordinates::{{#geocode: TN34 3LW}}]]


Named Buildings

References & Notes

Getting Age

Use {{Birth year and age|1966}} if only year of birth is known - this will return 1966 (age 57–58).

Creator Template

Used for artworks/photography

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Recent Additions - Test

External Data

The following data has been retrieved from, using the External Data extension:

IMDB HTML Page for Hastings Films Scratchpad

Help page(s) for External Data

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