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Images not added[edit]

Images from Hastings in the Front Line. Some near dupes from storm drain left out. Gasometer Construction

How to get all text example[edit]


Semantic properties[edit]

See Rosslyn for semantic property use within template. Breeds Place also applies some of these techniques

Carousel Results[edit]

See [[Template:TestCarousel]] More suited to images however



Genealogy templates are from

Search by coordinates[edit]

In addition to just filtering on the coordinates, it is possible to incorporate further filtering options on the #ask line as per the Date<1850 parameter. Theoretically, it should be possible to filter by any semantic variables set within the pages.
The following can be incorporated into a template from where the relevant calls should be addressed. If however the absolute page title be known, it can be retrieved from the API as suggested above.


Property:AddressDetail‎ seems to do the trick. To view/retrieve for a given street (page), use the template {{features}} which will give the following result:

Features on this wiki[edit]

Name Street No From To

Editing People[edit]

When editing people, there is a series of special templates derived from [ FamilyPedia] which assists in creating the relationships between people e.g. marriage/offspring.

The main template is that of {{Showfacts person}} and there is a fairly comprehensive 'how to' in its documentation Template:Showfacts person.

A fairly comprehensive example of its usage with multiple marriages can be found on the Vandeleur Benjamin Crake (1816-1894) page.


See for example of form working correctly.


Loading map...

Another access point is via <mapframe height=600 width=600></mapframe>, although parameters need to be identified. The Kartographer extension uses MediaWiki:Kartographer.js to define parameters.

Retrieving data from a datatable[edit]

The extension page gives the following format for the WHERE clause: where="BNA_ID='1234'"

To retrieve a single value therefore we can use the following {{#dt2-get: table | column | where | default }}

  • The logical table defined with the {{tag|datatable2|open}} tag where the data should be taken from.
  • The column name defined with the {{tag|datatable2|open}} tag. The column field may be left blank, in which case data is cached for later usage with the [[#dt2-lastget|dt2-lastget]] parser function, but nothing is displayed.
  • The where clause that should select at most one record. If more then one record is found, an error message is displayed.
  • Optionally the default text to return if no data are found. It is expanded only if needed, so using a complex template here does not lead to performance issues if used for unexpected errors only.

{{#dt2-get: BNA_Periodicals|Title|BNA_ID='0001578'}} should give us the Illustrated London News

Image Hashing[edit]

A hashing 'bot' runs a similarity hash on all files. The property in which this is stored is ImageHash, which contains the hexadecimal has as per PHP ImageHash. Ultimately a plugin/search facility will be implemented to identify similar/identical images.


[[Has coordinates::{{#geocode: TN34 3LW}}]]


Named Buildings

References & Notes

Getting Age[edit]

Use {{Birth year and age|1966}} if only year of birth is known - this will return 1966 (age 54–55).

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