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The Hastings Local History Group developed from a ‘Profile of Hastings Study Group’ in October 1979 created by the University of Sussex Centre for Continuing Education. The group took on an independent life as Hastings Modern History Workshop, and when members found this title too restricting, subsequently re-named to Hastings Local History Group.
Membership of the group is open to all who are interested, in the history of the Hastings area through the centuries.[1] The society is currently chaired (2020) by Brian Lawes.


Group meetings are normally held on the first Tuesday of each month from 7.30 to 9.30pm at Hastings History House, 21 Courthouse Street in the Old Town. In addition, a morning meeting is held on the third Tuesday of each month from 10.30 to 12.30pm also at the History House.

Most meetings consist of a number of informal discussions of themes or topics raised by members, reports on research being undertaken by members, and on occasion, outside speakers or a walks around an area of historical interest. Prospective members may attend a meeting, free of charge, before deciding whether to join. [1]


These are available from the Local History Group, History House, Museums and Libraries etc.

  • Priory Meadow and the Town Centre ISBN: 0952976617 ​B5 ​Card Cover 48pp​
  • A History of Hollington (reprint) ISBN: 0952976633 ​A4 ​Paper Cover 36pp ​
  • A History of Ore (reprint)​ A4 ​Paper Cover 36pp​
  • Hastings Voices (reprint) –Memories of 8 local residents​ B5​ Card Cover 64pp​
  • Emma Hessey’s Child’s History (facsimile)​Card Cover 30pp​
  • Chubb’s Strangers’ Walk (facsimile) + biography of Chubb in plastic Pocket​
  • The Albert Memorial (reprint) ISBN: 978-0-9529766-6-0 B5​ Card Cover 32pp​
  • Bygone Weather (Alan Buckle) ISBN: 0952976676​ B5​Card Cover 56pp​
  • Hastings Tramways 1905-2005 (David Padgham)​ B5​ Card Cover 76pp​
  • A History of Clive Vale (Brian Lawes) ​B5​ Card Cover 72pp​
  • The Hastings Omnibus 1832-1914 (David Padgham) ​A4​ Card Cover 187pp
  • Hastings During World War I (Brian Lawes) ​B5​ Card Cover 102pp​
  • Silverhill (second edition) (Alan Buckle) ​A4​ Card Cover 154pp
  • Hastings Hikes: Cream Tea Path​ (Heather Grief) A5 ​Card Cover 32pp

Periodic Publications

In addition to the publications listed above, the group also publishes semi-regularly a newsletter featuring various aspects of local history titled Hastings Bygones


References & Notes

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