Breeds Place

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Breeds Place
Named AfterBreeds family
BuilderJames Lansdell (1786-1865)

Breeds Place was completed in 1828 (although Cousins dates this to 1825[1]) by James Lansdell (1786-1865) who married Martha Breeds (1793-1829). The Duke/Duchess of Marlborough was his first tenant.[2][3]. Prince George of Cumberland also stayed at numbers 5 & 6 with the Duke and Duchess in 1833[4][5].

The naming is claimed by Brett to have been either for the Breeds family, into which James Lansdell had married, or the woman named Breeds who had either lived in a cave or cottage in the area[3].



Name Street No From To
Gildersleeves Boarding Establishment 5-6 1828

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