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Baines Index Book

From Historical Hastings

Among other note-books and compilations, Baines created an alphabetic index book containing brief notes on people, events and features around the town. From an initial, partial, transcription, the book would appear to have been compiled early in his career at the Hastings Museum. The original book is located in the Local Studies Room at Hastings Museum and Art Gallery. This page is a transcription of the entries therein.


b : born
ct : Court
d : died
gns : Gardens
TBB : Thomas Brandon Brett. The number following most likely references something in his Manuscript Histories, although insufficient of Baines' notes have been transcribed to prove this.
(illegible text) : This is used where a word is illegible in the index book. On many occasions, the word can be inferred from cross-referencing the notes with Baines' sources


Baines' Index A.jpg

Armada Vtp defences, (illegible text) SwThos Palmer & Sir Walter (illegible text), 2 deputy lieuts & co, 1587 "furnished with 3 (illegible text) (illegible text) & (illegible text), etc (C. p. 39-40)
Ashburnham Sir Wm & John (illegible text), MPs for Hgs 1702-8 & (illegible text)
Archery St. L. Archery Club gns made by James Burton 1833. St. Leonards Archers formed 1834-5, Dutchess of Kent & Princess Victoria became patrons & gave prizes HSLO 10.9.1898 [Cuttings HSO2 II, 96] Bust by Byucciani?, shortly after her corn 1838
Archway inscription on stuccoed face, erected 1828 to mak E boundary of StL. dem by 6.2.1895, alleged obstruction to the traffic at cost of £200 (cutting from the 'Sketch')
Adelaide House. Once Mr. Waghorne's Marine Mansion, later A.H. when Dowager Queen Adelaide became its occupt 1836. (illegible text) (illegible text) at corner of Seymour Place, nw Grand Parade (TBB 94)
Amsterdam, the attempts to clear out, 1810, 1827, 1837. Dutch run ashore at Bulverhythe by mutiny in 1748, 997 tons, 151ft x 39. genl cargo and sevl cases of spice?, 14 guns [Cuttings Hastl. Nr 1, 79] 23 Feb 1748 ? Chris Nutt
Andrew's St. 6 skeletons mentioned in old burial grnd in Castle Rd in side of (illegible text) Ra(illegible text) Mission Hall (Hastings (illegible text) 13/4/1892)
All Saints St. Barry's guide 1294 - 'The Fish Street commonly called the Back Street'
Artillery, Hastings formed 1861, Col Harcourt
Alexandra Park, once St. Andrews Gdns, renamed for the visit of TRH. Prince & Princess of Wales 1882.
'. 6.12.1827 inquest at George, Battle re claims of Crown, Hys & sqautters, Boykett Breeds, (illegible text) (illegible text) (illegible text) (illegible text). May 1828 notice sent to [illegible] 13.11.34 [sentence illegible] confiscated. Most to Norman Rd & StL Gd disused 15 yrs (HSLO 8.12.99 Cuttings II, 225)


Baines' Index B pg1.jpg

Bailiff: Chief Magistrate till 1588, when became a Mayor - 1st Thomas Haye
Bayley's House(sic) - John Collins until 1758 - Probably T. Oates Ho. Once occupied by Edw Milward
Broken Shins - Smuggler's haunt to east of Ecclesbourne
Battle Mr Charles Laurence's powdermills Explosn heard at H&SL 19.6.1837 (TBB 94) Harvey's Powdermills destroyed by 5 tons of powder 1761-3 (Battle Cuttings II,58) Last Abbot John Hammond brd St. Ca(illegible text)tns chapel in N aisle of church
(Robert de Bells founded) . (Battle? Cuttings II, 58)
Barracks, Bopeep razed 1811. Soldiers used to (illegible text) (illegible text) Smugglers at V Emp. Tam (TBB.136)
Breeds Place Cookes? circus held opposite on beach 30.1.1823 later ones in Priory Meadow (TBB.136)
Blacksmiths Arms, converted for/from? W H Honiss' cabinet workshop/workers by Thos Towner 1828; Later Ho Trin Church (TBB int ch)
Tower Archibald Murdoch, artillery m w Thos Ross at (illegible text), Master Gunner (TBB) c1801
later 2 i/c to T.R. at Hgs after war (d.1824)
Bank The Hastings. stopped payment 1857 (TBB). c 1788 estab. Tilden, Shadwell, Hilder, Harvey
Baillie Dr. Matthew 1st Ln Dr to rece patients to Hp c1790
Barry Library 1791, 1st guide 1794. On East Parade at corner of Geo St
Brooke W. H. artist J. E. Ray says he saw his tombstone 1860 West Hampnett nr Chichester
Brianski, Alfred de painter in town c1898. including scene of ? harbour (H&StL Chron 6.4.1898)

Breeds Boykett,(illegible text)
Brett Thos Brandon,b 30.5.1816 Geo St. f blacksmith (see cuttings III, 65) d at Norman Road, St. L (Cuttings VII, HSLO 7.4.06). 1½ yrs scholar at Mr. Neve's in Bourne Street weekly fee 1d. him a monitor? 1st Class. worked in shop + (Woolgar's) smithy (site of Ho. Trin.): Drapers apprentice : 1837 => Post Office 1839 school t. at Markt Ter in St. L acting?
Bell James, valet of Ld Nelson (illegible text) Kept Cutter Inn (Cuttings III, 214)
Bourne,Univ. Mag. 1760 M(illegible text) - Description (illegible text) (Cuttings III, 178)
Borrow, W. H. d.12.7.1905 at home, 88 St. Helen's Road at 64 after 1 week's illness 1st Exhib. RA, 40 years before lived at High Wickham for c. 10yrs. Cornish Coasts and Sea Scapes exhib ROI held annual exhib at Carlisle Parade. [HSLO 15.7.1905]
Brabazon, H. B. spent nearly 50 years on estate of Oaklands, Sedlescombe, which he inherited from his father. Died May 1906 (HSLO. 12.1.1907 Cuttings VII) exhibt. at Hs. Mus.[a] (HSLO. 16.2.07)

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Baines Page D.jpg
Deudney, Arthur(illegible text) of Marine Hotel d. 28.12.1836 Succeeded by Hutchins (g.v.) formally a farmer at Ditchling. 1g 14 (illegible text) Deudney (TBB) (TBB Chap 102)

Diplock Proprietor of Barry's old Library published Miss. Howell's Handbook 1855
Doleham FarmSamuel Barham of Fairlight (illegible text) d.1879 in 97th year ygr Sm. Tilden B, b.19.11.1816 at Fairlight - Inland Revenue d 1902 age 86 in Heathfield D7 (illegible text) (illegible text) 10 yrs ago by Tilden Bs (illegible text) (HSLO 22.3.1902 (illegible text) (illegible text))


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Earthquake 8 Feb 1749. Severe Shock (Collier Letters. C. p59). Another 8 Mar 1749

England, Jeo Coastal blockademan, tried & punished for murder J. Hy fisherman 1821. (See Swain. J)
Egan, Pierce 1837 historical novels 'Robin Hood' & 'Wat Tyler' - artist as well. Supplied spo? & technical styles to K L M from start in 1842. In Hp 1837. (TBB.102)
Ellsworth Charity Bequest Ct of Chancery 1809. Richd. Ellsworth, formerly J. Brickham, Sm. charity. Rept. 10.7.1815. Order 1710, Ralph Combes & Penelope his wife, given to RE. About (illegible text) for 400 yrs in (inter alia) ¼ paid J. late (illegible text) (illegible text) (illegible text) Rt. d 11.7.1714. bequests in (illegible text) (illegible text) for teaching poorest children I (illegible text) catechism, buying spelling books & 'The Whole Duty of (illegible text)' (TBB.129)
Emary, Thomas of Albion Hotel and previously of Castle Hotel d. 7.2.1842 (TBB 131)
Emary, James (illegible text) of proprietors of (illegible text) (illegible text); Castle Hotel (TBB 136)

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