Victoria Lodge of Oddfellows

From Historical Hastings

The Victoria Lodge of Oddfellows was a philanthropic fraternity[1] formed in 1837 in St. Leonards, making it the oldest lodge in the town[2]. The aims of the lodge were predominantly to provide for those members of the community, who, for whatever reason, needed assistance. Whilst most of the lodges within the town appear to have taken the name of the hostelry within which they were based, the Victoria Lodge did not, at least at its foundation, appear to have a regular meeting place. By 1889, however the 'Clarence Hall' in Middle Street would appear to have become their base and the lodge was one of the largest in terms of membership, however this had shrunk slightly.

Known Members

Joseph Bannister (electioneering agent)
John Buxton
George Creed
James Deudney
George Fox
Edward Honiss
John Lucas
Charles Perry (a tobacconist)
Wm. Waite (Mr. Alfred Burton's butler)
J. J. Waters (baker)

References & Notes