Crown House

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Crown House
Alternative namesCrown House
General information
Address57 Marina
Postal CodeTN38 0BE
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Notable OccupiersPrincess Victoria
Admin. Information
Electoral/Planning WardCENTRAL ST LEONARDS Pre May 2018
Prop. Ref. No.100062579853
Listed Building
H.E. Ref. No.1043436

Formerly known as 'West Villa', Crown House at 57 Marina was built initially as the residence of James Burton, but was later stayed in by Princess Victoria and her mother while they were on holiday during 1834/1835[1]. The house became known as Victoria Lodge, or Victoria House and later as Crown House.

During the post-WW2 period, the ​building​ was empty and became derelict leading to concerns as to whether the ​building​ might need to be demolished during the early 1950s[2] Grade II* Listed (Historic England listing 1043436)


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