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Events that happened in this month

The following list, whilst in no measure complete is a 'snapshot' of various events that occurred in Hastings during the current month.

Air Raids3Vicarage of Emmanuel Church destroyed1942
Albany Hotel23Destruction of Albany Hotel1943
Alfred D. Womersley (1837-1896)
Anne Isabella Eversfield (1816-1902)
Baltimore Wreck161872
Bathing Pool27Opening of Bathing Pool1933
Bottle Alley12Opening of Bottle Alley by the Marquis of Reading1934
Brett Volume 1: Chapter II - Hastings 1828-18299135 round boxing match between Fred Whiteman and Mr. Neves1828
Brett Volume 1: Chapter II - Hastings 1828-182926Grand Concert at Hare and Hounds1828
Brett Volume 1: Chapter II - Hastings 1828-18297Seizure of 55 packages of contraband, a fishing boat, three men and two boys whilst smuggling1828
Brett Volume 3: Chapter XXVII - St. Leonards 184223First coaches to meet the train at Tunbridge Wells1842
Brett Volume 4: Chapter XLVI - Hastings 18515Lease agreed for Ecclesbourne Waterworks1851
Charles Hay Frewen (1813-1878)
Charles William Chapman (1865-1939)
Customs House Raid 27 May 182727Robbery at Customs House1827
Edmund Strickland (1806-1897)
Elizabeth Breeds (1852-1915)
Empire Day241916
Fishermans Museum17Opening1956
George Jonathan Mills (1820-1903)
George Woods (1832-1954)
Herbert Dorman (1864-1935)
John Parkin (1803-1887)
Malcolm Mitchell (1895-1976)
Mary Amy Thomas (1856-1919)
Princess Elizabeth Visit181951
Royal Victoria Hotel22Stay of Louis Phillipe post-French rebellion of 18481850
St. Johns Church18Foundation Stone laid by HRH Princess Elizabeth1951
Swan Hotel23Bombing of the Swan Hotel1943
Thomas Brandon Brett (1816-1906)
Thomas Breeds (1852-1931)
Trolleybus13Last Trolleybus runs1959
Visits of Napoleon22Napoleon III arrives in St. Leonards1850
White Rock Pavilion19All Star Gala reopening following £1M refurbishment1985
William Diplock (1810-1866)
Winifred Cossum (1735-1834)

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