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Events that happened in this month

The following list, whilst in no measure complete is a 'snapshot' of various events that occurred in Hastings during the current month.

Air Raids9Markwick Terrace targetted with 14 bombs dropped1943
Air Raids11V1 explodes near Ledsham Avenue1944
Air Raids20Shear Barn farmhouse hit by V1 causing last civilian casualty in WW21944
Air Raids16V1 explodes at Old Church Road1943
Air Raids29St. Leonards Church destroyed by V1 flying bomb. This is the last damage recorded during WW21944
Air Raids26Air raid hitting Whitefriars Rd, Priory Road and Cricket Ground1940
Albert Shoesmith (1876-1957)
Aquatic Carnival31First Aquatic Carnival1909
Arthur Blackman (1868-1957)
Brett Volume 1: Chapter IV - Hastings 183029Seizure of the 'Fox' with two men and 26 casks of spirits1830
Charles Dawson (1864-1916)
Charles Montolieu Lamb (1785-1864)
Frederick North (1800-1869)
George Pearson
Hastings Gymkhana31907 Hastings Motor Gymkhana1907
Hastings Gymkhana151908 Hastings Motor Gymkhana1908
Hastings Railway Station6Re-opening following rebuild1931
James Burton (1761-1837)
John Wood (1828-1891)
Marlborough House Fire282013
Rock Fair26Held until 1862
Rock Fair27Held until 1862
Stables Theatre14Opening of Stables Theatre Art Gallery by HRH The Queen Mother1978
William Henry Moses Jinks (1850-1893)

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