Mods and Rockers invasion 1964

From Historical Hastings

On the weekend of the 1st and 2nd of August 1964, towns along the south coast experienced an invasion of Mods and Rockers from all over the south-east. A number of fights were reported with 9 arrests in Hastings and police flying in re-inforcements from elsewhere. This had followed a clash between the two factions earlier in the year at Clacton leading police to come up with a plan to re-inforce any towns that might appear to be having a repeat of the Clacton events. Over 500 Mods and a similar number of Rockers were reported as coming to Hastings - many of whom were turned away from the main roads into town. The press of the day undoubtedly stirred things up somewhat, describing pitched battles at Clacton and the fears of riots[1]

The assembled riders of both sides were relatively peaceful until the evening, only two incidents being reported in the day time; a scuffle between two rockers and a group of mods near the Pier, and a cafe owner who was slashed with a broken glass. Scotland Yard flew in a squad of policemen from Northolt, one of whom was knocked to the ground in the evening by a group of mods. Getting to his feet, he arrested one youth and with the assistance of four colleagues carried him to the police station. In total, there were 18 arrests - the miscreants appearing before a specially convened court which had started proceedings that same day[2].


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