Shornden Villas

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Shornden Villas
Shornden Villas as surveyed in 1873

Shornden Villas was a block of fifteen properties constructed prior to 1866[1], located in Bohemia Road between the junction with London Road and Upper Park Road, being addressed separately at least until 1905, number 15 Shornden Villas later becoming 1 Bohemia Road by 1907[2].

An issue as to in which direction drainage into the sewer network should flow was the subject of a letter to the Hastings & St Leonards Observer in September, 1869[3]. It would appear that the properties remained un-connected to a main sewer network until well past 1876 - the council becoming aware that the sewers were discharging over their land causing a great nuisance by May of that year[4].


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