Ore Railway Station

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Constructed as a single booking office station in 1888 with two platforms, a footpath leading from Broomgrove Road to platform two the station was put in place during 1905; this was to alleviate the inconvenience of foot-passengers otherwise having to walk the extra distance to the entrance in Hughenden Road, on which side the booking office stood[1] if coming from or further up towards Ore. The footpath closed at some point in the 1990s, however its route can still be traced - the tarmac of the path being left in-situ. The footbridge over the tracks is the original, although its position was moved to the Hastings end of the platforms as part of the renovations when the line was electrified in 1933. Following an arson attack circa 1991, the main station building was demolished and not rebuilt.

Goods Yard, Sidings and Engine-Sheds

Just to the north and west of the station was a goods yard with multiple sidings terminating just short of the boundary with Parker Road. A further branch line was added by 1909 to service a power generating station on Parker Road to the north of these. A branch line to the northeast of the station was added to serve what became Broomgrove Power Station (originally a brick-yard) was added by the end of the 1920s - this resulted in the loss of what had been shown on maps as a reservoir.

Reported Incidents

1936: During shunting operations on the 20th of June 1936, two coaches of a train derailed and collided with a signal box causing a loss of signalling to the area. The coaches were partially 'telescoped', blocking the up-line to Ashford. Heavy cranes had to be sent for to lift the coaches clear of the tracks. Whilst attempting to re-set some points in order to clear the line, a porter inadvertently came into contact with a live rail and suffered severe burns to his right arm and leg. Services were terminated at Hastings Railway Station and it was not until approximately 24 hours later that the track was cleared.[2]
1948: Whilst shunting a four carriage train from the up-line to the down-line on the 15th of October 1948, it derailed whilst underneath the Broomgrove Road bridge.[3]


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