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Hydneye House
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AddressThe Ridge
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This school situated in the formerly named Beaulieu House on The Ridge started in 1918 as a prep school offering spacious grounds including woodlands, a swimming pool and small amphitheatre.

During WW2 the school, in common with many others in the area, evacuated to Devon[1]. Closing in 1968, the ​building​ was demolished in 1974 to make way for the new Maplehurst School[2].

A son of Mr. & Mrs. Maltby who were resident at the house, Flight Lieutenant John Maltby was a pilot in the famed 'Dambusters' raid on the Ruhr valley during WW2, piloting the fourth and final aircraft that breached the Moehne Dam. For his role in this raid, he was promoted to Squadron Leader and received the DSO[3]

Arthur Williamson Brodribb was known to have been the last head-teacher of the school.


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