Hardwicke Road

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Hardwicke Road
Other Names
Former name(s)Evelyn Road
Construction start1900

Hardwicke Road was planned circa 1885 by the owner of Halton House, Mr W. Rogers. The development was to be known as 'Halton House Estate'[1]

Building did not commence until around 1900, by which time the land was in the ownership of Mr G. T. Kellog-Jenkins. The road itself had been laid out for a number of years by then, and the housing also had to fall within the guidelines laid out by the 'Housing of the Working Classes Act 1890'. One hundred and thirty houses were planned.[2]


The development drew negative comment and concern; "...Poets have rhymed and historians written on the picturesque and all but unequalled approach into the town by the Old London Road, and now, if I am rightly informed, one other of the principle features of this approach is likely, in present circumstances, to be destroyed, and in its place some two hundred or more houses to be developed...Halton House with its beautiful gardens, with its fine timber, and undulating slopes, and with plants and shrubs, unsurpassed in their rarity, their beauty, and their foliage..."[3]


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