Great Brook Estate

From Historical Hastings

The 'Great Brook Estate' was agricultural land sold at auction on the 25th August 1862 at the Havelock Hotel[1][2] The site occupied much of the area covered by the western side of the Priory Stream extending up towards Braybrooke Road

Particulars at Auction[edit]

The auction particulars give the following description;

"..situated in the parish of St Andrew, Hastings comprising a variety of excellent sites for the erection of private residences, shops and business premises of a moderate class...The Estate is in the centre of the population, close to the Railway Station and in the road to the intended new buildings on the and estates and within a quarter mile of the sea...a space is reserved for a church on the estate..."[1]

New Roads[edit]

South Terrace, St Andrew's Square, Cornwallis Street, Waldegrave Street and Brook Street, giving its name to this street, were built on the land, starting in 1863.



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