Baldslow Tin Church

From Historical Hastings

The church of St Peter, was an Iron Chaplery or Tin Tabernacle, built on the property of the owner of Beaulieu (later the site of Hydneye House, Maplehurst and Helenswood schools), and opened in 1862, having arrived in a 'flat pack' form. The church had a bell cote on the west end containing a single bell, approximately 12” in diameter, hung in a ‘B’ frame and chimed by a lever and was consecrated in 1873.[1] Prior to this time, the congregation had met in a nearby Oast House.Originally in the parish of St Mary In The Castle, it came within the enlarged parish of St Johns Church, , in 1902. During 1935, the church showed films with a religious theme with the aim to raise funds for replacement of the metal-skinned building, which by that time needed many repairs and was threatened by road improvements on The Ridge[2]. A donation of £10,000 was made towards the rebuilding of the church by Mr Halladay, but it is not recorded where that money was eventually utilised[3]. The church closed in 1979, with the building being demolished to facilitate road improvements on The Ridge


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