Elphinstone Road

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Elphinstone Road
Other Names
Former name(s)Ore Lane
Named AfterSir Howard Elphinstone (1773-1846)
JunctionsBaldslow Road,Mount Pleasant Road,Hughenden Road,Laton Road,Beaconsfield Road


Elphinstone Road was originally named Ore Lane and the name recalls Sir Howard Elphinstone (1773-1846) who owned Ore Place and Ridge Farm.

Numbers 50 to 60, known as Franklin Terrace, possibly extending down to the Langham Hotel certainly existed circa 1880[1]

Prior to 1869, the road was not much more than a track above what is now the junction with Mount Pleasant Road when proposals were made to improve the route. This resulted in a number of court cases arising due to land-owners, in particular Charles Hay Frewen whose land abutted the most dangerous area of the lane - that abutting the Ponbay Bridge - the case reaching the House of Lords after a series of appeals by him[2], who held the adjoining lands refusing to sell portions of their land.[3]


Name Street No From To
Franklin Terrace 50-60 1880
Langham Hotel 16 1878 2010
Lyndhurst 1


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