Pilot Field

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The Pilot Field is a football ground which has been home to Hastings United since 1985. The ground was the home of the former Hastings United club who folded in 1985. Though primarily used as a football venue since opening in 1920, there are records of the ground hosting speedway, cycling, athletics, rugby, baseball and a music festival. Despite proposals there are no records known records of hockey, cricket or greyhound racing taking place.[1]

Previously the proposed new site of the Hastings Workhouse,[2] the site was acquired in 1920 by the Hastings Corporation and subsequently leased to the Hastings & St Leonards Sports Association,[3] playing host to its first fixture in September of that year, which saw Rock-a-Nore lose to Chichester in the Sussex County League.[4] During the 1920's, the Pilot Field also played host to rugby and baseball, and cycling after the construction of the cycling track around the lower pitch in 1922.[1]

The main stand was opened in 1926 and further facilities such as car parking and turnstiles were constructed around the same time.[5] By the 1930's the ground had become primarily a football ground, with Hastings & St Leonards (former Rock-a-Nore club) being the main tenants, though the track was still used for cycling and athletics.[1]

In 1948 the newly formed professional Hastings United moved into the ground, forcing out the amatuer club. The Hastings Saxons speedway team also moved to the ground in 1948, but were forced to leave the ground after complaints from local residents. A record attendance of 12,527 was set in 1953 when Hastings United faced Norwich City in the third round of the FA Cup.[1]



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