Uplands School

From Historical Hastings

Located in the terrace originally known as 'Archery Villas', bordering what was the grounds of the St. Leonards Archers - itself formerly being a quarry. The terrace was laid out circa 1856[1]

3 Archery Villas was a boarding school operated by the Rev. John Tottenham in 1861[2], with number 6 being a boarding school run by Miss Henrietta Pennington certainly between 1858 and 1861[2][3]. By 1871, numbers 1 and 6 were taken over by the Rev. Tottenham as a boys school. At the same time (1871), number 2 was an orphanage[4].

Ten years later, by 1881 numbers one to four formed the school with approximately 40 pupils[5]

The terrace became Uplands County Secondary Technical School, to give it its full name by the end of the 19th century, having Archery Road as its postal address, the buildings later forming part of the Hastings College site. T. Rhodes listed as headmaster in 1956[6]


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