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The name Tackleway came into existence from its old English name 'le legil wey' which means either 'The tiled way' or 'way to the tile kilns'. This nomenclature first appeared on a deed dating to 1499. The road was formally adopted by Hastings Borough Council in 1853, following the sale by William Eldridge of part of Crown Lane[1], opening the road up for development[2]

The road gained some renown when the famed local composer and conductor Anthony Collins (1893-1963)[3] composed a piece titled for the street[4]



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Name Street No From To
East Hill Lodge 45
Hastings and St Leonards Girls Training Home 45 1873 1932
Kentish Place (Tackleway) 1873
Miss Paton's Industrial School 1872 1872
Sun Inn 1876 1970
Tassell Cottages
Victoria Cottage 9
Zion Cottages 43 1936

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