St. Margaret's Church

From Historical Hastings

This church stood behind 50 Eversfield Place on the edge of the cliff and although the church's name does not appear in the 1372 return, Thomas Seler was described as the parson in the 1403 Close Rolls. There is mention of a presentation made by King John in 1205[1]

J. Manwaring Baines notes the disappearance of this church, most likely associated with the St Mary Magdalen Hospital and around 1372, commenting that the buildings were replaced by a farm[2]. Post the churches disappearance, the parishioners would have worshipped at the nearest alternative church - that of St Clements.

St Clements Church does, however have the following two entries in its registers[2];
1625 Oct 1st. Buryed at Madelin Chappel Nicholas Cook.
1627 Jan 22nd. Buryed John Gladdish at Maudlin Chappell.

The site of St Margarets Church would appear to have become Bohemia Farm, Ross noting in 1862 some skeletons buried in the centre of the barn. J. Manwaring Baines goes on to suggest that the site of the chapel may well be to the rear of 9 De Cham Road[2].

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