Ore Village School

From Historical Hastings

Ore Village School was constructed circa 1851 as a mixed national school. From 1867, street directories list both a national and infants school in Ore. The Ore School Board formed in 1878 to govern the running of the school, holding monthly meetings. In 1883 a meeting of the school board heard that further accommodation was required[1], possibly leading to the rebuild in 1886 when separate boys' and girls' infant's departments were created. At that time, the board of the school consisted of the following persons; The Rev. D. A. Doudney, Jun., president, Messrs. G. A. Thorpe, Spalding, Gibson, Beck (Clerk), and Gilbert (School Attendance Officer). In 1888, there was a proposal adopted by the board that a new school on the Sandown site for accommodating children of the parish between the ages of 8 and 13, census records showing that there were some 348 children in the catchment area that were not receiving any schooling at that time[2]

In 1897 the Hastings United District School Board took over the running of the school and by 1899 it had accommodation for 250 boys, 170 girls and 200 infants, with the school situated in Old London Road. Following the 1902 Education Act, during 1903, it came under the control of the Education Committee of the Borough of Hastings. The boys' section of the school was closed in 1925.


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