Maudlin Lands

From Historical Hastings

The naming of this area may well be a corruption of the word Magdalen - the charity owning much of the area described below;

J. Manwaring Baines gives the total area covered by the Maudlin Lands as being some 57 acres, covering much of the area between White Rock and Warrior Square, extending inland as far as the Horntye Field (now Horntye Road)[1].

Establishment and ownership[edit]

During 1294, it is recorded that Petronella de Cham donated over 5 acres of farmland to aid and support the hospital of St Mary Magdalen. In the reign of Henry VIII the hospital and chantry were merged and seized including this 5 acres. In 1589, Queen Elizabeth returned the estate to the Mayor and Jurats of Hastings corporation.[2]


Contained within the Maudlin Lands were the ancient St Mary Magdalen Hospital and Bohemia Farm. The name Maudlin continues with a correct spelling; that of Magdalen Road[1] Income from both the management and sale of the lands gave rise to the Magdalen and Lasher charity.



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