Havenhurst Mill

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Address113 Cinque Ports Way, Bexhill Road, Cinque Ports Way
Postal CodeTN38 0AJ
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Location plan showing ​building​s on the site in 1949

Havenhurst Mill(s) was a group of ​building​s that stood on Cinque Ports Way adjacent to the Bexhill Road Railway Bridge.

The site was a steam-driven flour mill during the late 19th century, known as the Havenhurst Roller Mills[1], previously the Havenhurst Steam Flour Mill, run by John Draper under the name of J. Draper & Co. An associated company known as the Queens Avenue Stores and Machine-made Bread Company was wound up in 1889[2]. The mill at continued production, Draper's name appearing in connection with the construction of an additional warehouse on the site in 1905 (interestingly, even prior to 1905, the site was known to be prone to flooding from the river Asten/Haven running behind the site, the planning application being approved subject to the Corporation being indemnified against any flood related damage)[3]. The ​building​ complex was also utilised on a number of occasions during the 1890s to house various events. The flour mills were destroyed in a large fire on the 27th of January 1920.

For many years during the 1920s onwards, it was the premises of Gainsfords Ltd, a wholesale grocers which included a bacon factory[4], and, during the late 1940s, a garage trading under the name of first Webber's Garage, then, later W. J. Hart[5]. A timber warehouse listed as being on the site suffered a fire in 1974. The whole complex later became Stamco Timber with a new ​building​ being constructed on the site circa 1983 [6]. This ​building​ originally had loading bays under a mezzanine floor housing the offices, these being progressively infilled to provide a retail/trade counter around 1994. Stamco remained on the site until the site's clearance in 2006.

Cinque Ports Way
113;Bexhill Road;1983;2006



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