Havenhurst Roller Mills

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Havenhurst Roller Mills
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Address113 Bexhill Road
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This was a steam-driven flour mill during the late 19th century, also known as the Havenhurst Steam Flour Mill, run by John Draper under the name of J. Draper & Co, this company being wound up in 1889[1]. Mr. Draper would appear to have retained a controlling interest in the site post-winding up of the company, his name appearing in connection with construction of an additional warehouse on the site in 1905. Draper's steam mill as the site became known was an early adopter, possibly the first, of rollers to mill flour as opposed to the conventional rotary milling stones[2].

The ​building​ complex was also utilised on a number of occasions during the 1890s to house various social events. Local engineering firm Upfield and Sons installed a twin cylinder Tangye engine to power the mills prior to 1920[2]. The flour mills were completely destroyed in a large fire on the 27th of January 1920, with newspaper reports describing the mills as being the largest[3] in the area. Following this, a number of ​building​s were re-erected on the site, retaining the name of Havenhurst Mill, becoming the premises of Gainsfords Ltd.


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