Edward Milward (1722-1811)

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Personal Life

Edward originally sought permission to court John Collier's daughter Jane, however this did not go well and he wrote to her father as follows; as Miss Jenny's Behaviour since my obtaining that favour from you...has been one day very civil and the next, the reverse...I have not so frequently made use of your house, as I should otherwise have done..and thought it at present the most prudent way to omit some of the particular civilitys I have lately shewn to her, & seem a little indifferent myself, which I hope will have a different effect on her. Of course, it may be that she found him too overbearing, since it was said that he had a voice which on occasion could be heard all of the way down the High Street to the Swan Hotel. He instead turned his attentions to her sister Mary.[1]


Much of the property that was once in the Collier family was acquired by Milward, whether via inheritence or purchase, it being stated that 'there was no house or land within 10 miles of Hastings that he didn't seek to acquire'. He bought Old Hastings House from relatives, following the death of his mother-in-law (Mrs Collier) in 1796. His property passed to his only son Edward upon his death.

His burial service was conducted by the Rev. William Whistler, who had also carried out his son Edward's wedding to Sarah Whitear some six years later in 1817[2].


Children of: Edward Milward and Mary Collier (1725-1783)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Maria Milward (1755–1832) 1755 February 1832
Cordelia Milward(1756–)


Frances Milward(1758–)


Elizabeth Milward(1759–)


Charlotte Milward(1762–)


Edward Milward (1765-1833) 1 January 1765 10 May 1833 [[Sarah Whitear (1823-1873)]]


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