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With the rapid growth of Hastings during the 19th century in two adjacent valleys - the Priory Stream valley and the valley which opened onto Warrior Square, with Burton's new town slightly to the west, the town required a coherent drainage scheme.

In typical Victorian style grand plans were drawn up by the newly appointed town surveyor William Gant, although there were a number of disputes arising from this - mainly to do with remuneration, and the plan swung into action.

The Plans[edit]

Laying of first stone[edit]

On Saturday, the 13th of September 1856, when the Mayor, Town Clerk, Surveyor, contractor, most of the Town Council and a large number of townspeople collected at the East Well, where the ceremony was performed amidst the flaunting of flags and the booming of cannon. Refreshments were provided in a building close by which was originally intended for a steam mill. Some current coins were placed in a bottle which was put into the stone, there to be laid, together with a scroll bearing the words[4]:-

The first stone of the drainage of Hastings was laid by Frederick Ticehurst, Esq., Mayor, on the 13th of September, 1856; John Laing, C. E. surveyor, George Munday, contractor, William Winter, Inspector.

Legal Problems[edit]

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