Charles Arkcoll II

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On the 11th of October 1901, the new Hastings lifeboat, the Charles Arkcoll II, took over from the 20-year old Charles Arkcoll. She was an open rowing boat with sails, but no engine, and 35 feet long, with a beam of eight feet six inches.

She was skippered by Coxwain John Plummer and subcoxwain Charles Moon. William Curtis took over the helm during 1929. During the previous year, the boat attempted to assist in aiding the Mary Stanford which was lost with all hands.

The cost for her was paid from the remainder of the £2,000 gift from Charles Arkcoll. Her normal crew was 13. She was replaced by the engine-driven Cyril and Lilian Bishop in April 1931, having been launched 25 times, saving 28 lives.[1]

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