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In an attempt to curb smuggling, a preventive service was set up to patrol the coast line and intercept vessels and individuals suspected of smuggling. Any boats intercepted were inevitably sent to the Condemned Hole whilst at least during the 18th Century, seized goods were periodically sold off from the Customs Houses as per the inset advertisement of 1772

Sale advertisement in the Kentish Gazette - Saturday 22 August 1772

As smuggling grew, perhaps peaking around 1820, there were Coast Guard stations located at Fairlight Cove, Fairlight Head, Ecclesbourne Glen, Robertson Terrace and Marine Parade (built 1760), the Coastguards being an armed force. Brett in his Manuscript Histories has a number of accounts of tussles between the Coastguard service and the smugglers.

The Marine Parade building was demolished in 1899, being replaced by a larger building which opened June 1900. On the right of the building was a boat store (now the premises of the Rainbow Restaurant) and flats were provided for 14 Coastguards[1].

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