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Hastings & St Leonards were well covered by a number of periodicals. This table conveniently provided by the first edition of the Hastings & St Leonards' Times reveals that there was at least one periodical for each day of the week excepting Sundays and Mondays in 1877[1]:-

Publication Publication Day Editor Published From
Gazette Tuesday Brett St. Leonards
Independent Tuesday Farncombe Lewes
Chronicle Wednesday Bacon Lewes
Advertiser Thursday Dorman St. Leonards
Observer Saturday Parsons Hastings
Express Saturday Baxter Lewes
Gazette Saturday Brett St. Leonards
Times Saturday Daniel & Co. St. Leonards

Additionally, Brett wrote in a letter to the Hastings & St Leonards Observer of the 25th December 1909 that during the 19th century, Hastings was reported upon in a large number of periodicals, listing them as follows[2]:-

Among the local and provincial papers in which Hastings and its neighbourhood were wholly or largely represented and catered for were the Sussex Advertiser, established in 1745 ; Brighton Herald, 1805; Brighton Gazette, 1821 Brighton Guardian, 1827; the Kentish Gazette, 1769; the Hastings Iris, 1830; Cinque Ports Chronicle, 1838 ; Dover Chronicle, 1835 (edited by. the Rev. Thos. Bigg: Hastings) ; the Sussex. Express, 1857; the Southern Advertiser, 1840; Hastings News, Hastings and St. Leonards Penny Press, by T. B. Brett, 1854; Hastings and St. Leonards Fashionable Record, by W. Walter, 1854; St. Leonards Advertiser, by C, H. Southall, 1853 or 1854; St. Leonards and Hastings Gazette, by T. B. Brett, 1855; South Eastern Advertiser, by Isaac Parsons, 1855 ; Hastings and St. Leonards Herald, 1861; Hastings, St. Leonards and Battle Advertiser, printed at Battle, 1855 ; Hastings and St, Leonards Times, by Isaac Parsons, at Rye, 1857; Hastings and St. Leonards Herald, 1861; Hastings and St. Leonards Observer, by J. H. Knight, 1859 or 1850; Herald and Observer, 1665; Rye Telegram, by B. B. Stuchbery, 1866; Osborne's Hastings Paper, some time in the 1860s ; Hastings and St. Leonards World, 1878; Hastings and St Leonards Guardian, 1674; Randle and Jenner's Visitors List, 1878; East-Sussex News, 1855. Bexhill Chronicle, 1889; Bexhill Observer. 1896; Sussex Daily News, 1868 ; Weekly News, 1376; Morning Argus, 1896 ; Evening Argus, 1879; Hastings and St. Leonards Evening Journal. 1839; Hastings and St Leonards Times, by Mr. Halley Stewart, 1877 ; Hastings and St. Leonards Weekly Mail, 1893 the Kentish Express, 1855 ; and upwards of 100 other papers in the three counties of Sussex Surrey and Kent

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