Beau Site Convalescent Home

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Beau Site Convalescent Home
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Beau Site Convalescent Home was on the corner of White Rock Gardens and White Rock Road. This imposing ​building​ was built by the Brisco family around 1882. The ​building​ was given free of charge to the Governors of the Infirmary (situated below at White Rock) for use as a convalescent home.[1] Eliza Brisco and her two sisters founded a charity based in this ​building​, named Beau Site Convalescent Home for the Deserving Poor, opening on the 21 July 1866[2]. The charity was described as being for "The deserving poor (male and female) of 16 years of age and upwards, recovering from non-infectious maladies, accidents, or other causes; patients are free of all charge, and an annual subscription of one guinea entitles the subscriber to send one patient for three weeks".[3]The ​building​ was still in use as a convalescent home until 1958 and still stands today, albeit named White Rock Mansion, a language school which includes accommodation for foreign students.[1]


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